Go To My Pc – A Review On GoToMyPc.com – Remote Access To Your Home Computer

GoToMyPC - Access Your PC from Anywhere

If you are on the road a lot, you will most often load that required crucial information beforehand onto your laptop computer from your home or office computer. But there are those times that you have forgotten that piece of information or need additional files at the most critical times.

GoToMyPc.com is a software program that will keep you instantly connected to all the data on your base computer. This service will provide you direct secure access to your office or home computer over the internet allowing you to access any information on that computer as if you were there.

Signup is easy and a free download trial is available. After registration, you are required to assign yourself a user ID and password along with a program to download onto your office or base computer. It will then install an icon on your Systems Tray on your Windows screen notifying you that the program is active.

The only requirement for remote access is that you leave the base computer turned on and connected to the Internet at all times. The computer network at home or at your office requires a secure high speed cable or DSL connection. GoToMyPC will not work on dial-up modems.

When you are away from your office or home business and need to connect to your computer, find any remote computer or use your laptop with internet access. Once connected, browse to www.GoToMyPC.com, log-in using the ID and password previously selected.

Once connected, the gotomypc.com site will automatically send notification to the remote computer or laptop and will then ask for a secondary secure password before connecting you to your base computer. A new window will open and your office computers desktop will appear exactly as if you were sitting in front of it. You can then remotely access and launch any program you like or check your e-mail. Any file you create, any email you write via the remote computer will remain on your base computer.

The GotToMyPc.com program will work on any computer that has the software installed. It will bypass firewalls installed on your small business or home computer if you have one activated. The program will also allow access to your Windows based computer from any remote Mac or Linux/Unix based system as well as any Windows based PC. Other features include the ability to print from the base computer to a remote printer. It will also block usage from anyone in the office or home from using your computer.

GoToMyPc.com is an invaluable program if you travel frequently and are required to access data from your base computer. Access Your PC from Anywhere – Free Download
PC Magazine calls GoToMyPC “Revolutionary.”

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