First Give Unto Others And You Shall Receive All That You Want

If you are like most, then you have this tendency to wait for other people to fill in your needs. “Waiting for others”, to do something for you is not a very good trait to have, and it causes pain and stress in your relationships.

Stop Relying So Much On Others
At the beginning of any new relationship, it seems like you are getting the full undivided attention and everything else you’ve been longing for. Something that you’ve experience since early childhood: affection, love, tenderness, excitement, attention, and energy.

You think that you have finally found your ultimate match, and thus all your problems and needs are fulfilled forever, you think… “Once Upon A Time They Lived Happily Ever After.” You grab that very moment and hope that this new excitement and feeling will last forever, and that its unconditional and you do not have to do anything else in order to keep receiving this love and energy from your new significant other.

Then reality hits you. After time, the love seems to be dwindling, the full devoted attention you once got, after a while begins to fade and you begin to wonder why? What are you doing wrong?

You begin to panic. What’s going on? Does the person not love me anymore? Did you suddenly become fat and ugly or boring? You try to figure out why the once constant stream of energy pointed at you is no longer there.

You then decide that you won’t allow this to happen and you demand that, that person continues to give you the full undivided attention they gave in the beginning. You are strictly focused on what you want and are entitled to receive, and strictly on what he/she “should” be giving you.

So What Are You Doing Wrong?
You should be focusing on what YOU can give back. Why be so stubborn and self centered to believe that everything you want should be immediately given to you at request? Why should you wait for that other person to give to you what you need? Why not just give it to yourself? And why not go the extra mile and give to the other person what YOU would like to receive for yourself?

You have nothing to lose by giving, by reaching out. Yet you will have a lot to gain: the affection, the love, tenderness, excitement, attention, and the energy. That’s right! The exact same things the other person freely provided you with in the beginning!

YOU can give what you want to yourself, and to the other person. First, giving is the only sure fire, fail-safe way to make sure you receive back. So try to understand this. If you are constantly waiting for someone to give you what you want, you can then be waiting forever, and there’s a very strong possibility that you will never get it.

Why does this work? Because when you give something, you are opening yourself up to the energy frequency of giving. Let’s say, as an example, you need more attention, so instead of examining the other persons behavior, try detecting why you’re not getting that attention. So instead, you can try giving the attention back! Be genuinely interested, and chances are, that person will be interested in you too. Once you give the attention, and you will get the attention back… guaranteed!

So you want love? Well, Give love! You want some solid advice? Then Give Advice FIRST! Do you need some energy? Then go ahead and boost someone else energy level and when doing so, you’ll feel your own energy level rising! Do you want people to listen to what you’re saying? Then begin with listening carefully to someone else who wants to be heard. Are you looking for more friends? Then be proactive and befriend others!

So, To Get What you Want, Give It Out First
Instead of waiting for someone to give you love, give the love out first. Instead of waiting for your kids to respect you, start by respecting them. Be an example as they can learn from you.

Instead of dreaming of that promotion or that great job that satisfies your aspirations and income levels, be great at your current job first! Instead of waiting for peace to stabilize in your life, why not create the inner balance needed to feel that peace?

It’s all a matter of energy and vibrating it. Start by giving out what you really want to others, you are then tuning into the vibrational energy of what it is you want. If you want love and respect, give it out to others first, create the energy. Giving love in return makes you feel that love and then attracts more love into your life. Giving attention and respect does the same.

This works for anything you want. You will get what you want by simply giving it, and you will also be less dependent on others. You’ll empower yourself with being in charge of your own life!

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