Extramarital Affairs – Is There Any Way To Affair Proof Your Marriage?

Marriages as you know are very rarely a perfect match made in heaven, and they often require much more work than what either partner realizes, before they know what they’re getting themselves into. Along with the often ‘hit and miss’ journey of parenting, marriage is undoubtedly one of the bigger challenges in your life.

Extramarital affairs are unfortunately the primary and biggest reason for separation or eventually divorce these days. That’s why there’s good reason why you should both understand the steps you can take today, to ‘extramarital affair-proof’ your marriage. Most often, an extramarital affair may of have already taken place and have come between you and your spouse. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t take the proper steps to keep it from happening again.

Growth and maturing is one of the most vital and important elements of a marriage that most couples take for granted. The effort of a constant sense of growth is required to be present in any marriage. If it isn’t, one partner will feel they are moving forward, while their spouse isn’t, which will often create a wall between them. They will then both begin to feel as if they’re worlds apart, and not on the same page as far as growth and maturity. So it’s critical you both take the time and effort each day for growth in your relationship. Make this a commitment between yourselves to do this one thing each day, and it will benefit your marriage, no matter how small a problem it may be. Make it a plan and a priority together to renegotiate and talk over your relationship, if you feel you’ve getting off track.

Communicating with each other is the key in any successful relationship. If you’re having problems in this area, turn towards your spouse, and not away. You will not be able to fix a problem in a relationship by turning away or being silent. Your relationship must be based on an open and solid underlying friendship. Friends always talk, they laugh, they share, and do things that they are interested in together. So never stop being friends, just because you happen to be each other’s spouse.

There are also certain things in your marriage that should be guarded and kept private. There are issues that should always be held and kept in high regard in any marriage… kept sacred.

• Time – The way you both spend your time together should be respected. Where and how exactly are you spending your time? Ask your spouse if they need more dedicated time with you or away. Time should always be set aside and kept in the highest regards. Always respect the time that you spend with your partner.

• Mind – What really occupies your mind? Do you often think about your spouse? Do you have good thoughts about them? Evaluate what you think, and put your marriage and relationship in there if it’s not already.

• Energy – Where you are putting most of your energy on a daily basis, is vitally important to your marriage. Where is your your energy focused? Is it invested in your your marriage, and your family, or is it in the less important events in your life? Evaluate where your energy is, and make sure there is a good balance between your activities, your work, your marriage, and your family.

Formula for Success. Your marriage and relationship should meet the needs of the both of you. Learn to understand what your partner’s needs and wants are, so that you will be able to meet them. Decide what your own needs are and then communicate them. If you feel your needs aren’t being met, make sure you communicate and negotiate them. Don’t let any resentment build.

But then… what the hell, Have An Affair, Life Is Short

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