Efficient And Effective Article Marketing For Affiliate Income

As an affiliate marketer, there are ways to earn money by promoting products owned by others, while spending very little time, effort or cash. If that interests you, then writing articles and publishing them to online directories is your best bet. If you are looking to capture a large audience of readers, as well as leverage the weight of other website’s in the process, then you can begin promoting affiliate programs (ebooks from Clickbank or CPA offers), through an affordable and efficient article marketing strategy.

Most of the article marketing that you can do is absolutely free. There is also an option where you can pay a fee for better and quicker results. You can of course start off free and then see how well and effective it works before moving on to the paid membership options. You will be submitting these articles to article directories where website publishers can pick up your niche articles at no cost and publish them on their own site. This is provided they leave your author’s resource box intact. This resource box is the small ‘boxed’ area at the end of the article where you post a blurb about yourself, as well as a hyperlink back to your opt-in landing page or affiliate link.

These publishers usually include e-zine sites with huge targeted lists or website owners looking for topical well written content that they can place on their sites. Your backlink with anchor text are then exposed to the traffic from these websites that the site owners publish your articles to. So the key is to write articles that these content publishers can use and are interested in. They publish your article content in an attempt to make their own site or e-zine valuable to their target audience. You give them what they want and they, (the content publishers), then should be back for more of your articles, giving you additional valuable backlinks as well as you earning affiliate commission.

When you find a product that you want to promote through say Clickbank, you would then want to write a review type of article (Pro or Con), regarding the subject matter of the ebook, but never write an article about the e-book itself. At times, be controversial because what you want to do is perk interest and drive traffic to your landing page or opt-in page to build your own list.

For Example . . . Say you chose to promote an ebook on bodybuilding found on Clickbank. You title the article “Guide To Selecting The Best Bodybuilding Program”. You will want to write about tips from the ebook so that the reader finds the information valuable, but never directly mention the e-book itself by name. At the end of the article, in the resource box, you may write something like: “For more information and tips on bodybuilding programs by [yourname], please visit www.your-domain.com.” Some authors make the mistake thinking they have to write personal information about themselves, where they live etc. Since you only have limited space – it is better to focus on the topic of your article instead. You want to promote the product instead of yourself.

Make sure that the article is keyword rich and contains enough relevant information to attract traffic. Also make sure your opt-in box on your landing page promises a newsletter on bodybuilding tips, or a free report with information that they can download. In your newsletter or your report (including auto responders), you can then promote other affiliate products and programs on bodybuilding.

You can either write the articles yourself or hire a ghostwriter. You would obviously want to keep your costs low, so writing articles yourself (provided you have the time and skill), or rewrite PLR material is the best route to take. If you choose to outsource the process, there are a few ways you can get articles written without having to write them yourself.

Ways to get articles written for you include: bartering or trading resources, paying freelancers to write for you or buying PLR material.

– Bartering or trading requires networking with other writers on various writing, freelancing or marketing forums. Find out if anyone has particular needs that you can provide in exchange for a series of articles. If you are technically orientated, you can set up a website or blog in exchange for a series of articles etc.
– You can also hire a ghostwriter to write articles from freelance sites such as: Guru, Elance, or RentACoder. These writers can produce well written, affordable articles for you on a regular basis. But before you hire someone, make sure you check out their feedback and their portfolio to find out if their writing style is what you are looking for.
– Purchasing (PLR) or Private Label Rights Articles are articles and products where the writer sells the same series of articles to multiple buyers. You, as an affiliate article marketer, will want to alter and rewrite them slightly to your own tastes and style and then upload them to article directories as your own. PLR content is more affordable than hiring a ghostwriter to provide uniquely written content for you. There are PLR sites that write to a specific niche, such as pet care, or they provide articles for a variety of niches. Most PLR sites will require a monthly membership fee in exchange for a series of articles, PLR e-books, or newsletters etc. Make sure you verify that the content from these PLR sites are of top notch quality and not a rehash or copied from some other source.

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