Eating Common Foods To Avoid Flu’s And Boost Your Immune

what are the best foods for avoiding catching a coldWhat takes the biggest hit is your immune system when fighting through the drudgery which is the Winter and cold season.

We’re usually in closed indoor quarters with others, attempting to survive illness, often at times cooped up with dry artificial heat sources, forced to remain stagnant for indefinite periods of time.

This is when the sniffles will invariably begin, the uncontrollable sneezing and coughing fits which will generally plague people.

What you can do however is take a bit of preventative action now, this by eating the right foods to boost and strengthen your immune system. Doing so just might be the best way to avoid getting a cold or the flu this season.

You’re already most likely aware that you need to get as much rest as possible, always wash your hands as often as possible, and continuously sanitize common surfaces and areas.

Also, try avoid mingling or interacting with those who may be a tad under the weather or just downright sick, as that’s the quickest path for they transferring their illness to you.

During this time of year, the best possible measure which you can take to protect yourself is by simply improving your diet, this to pump up your immune system that’s your first defense to any cold symptoms.

Eating healthy well balanced foods while taking natural supplements is the key which can go a long way towards increasing and strengthening your body against the elements. Listed are a few of the common everyday foods which you’ll want to add to your meals.

The Best Immune Boosting Foods
Garlic Is Good – Some may be turned off just because of the odor, but fresh garlic has properties with incredible health and immune boosting properties. What a clove of garlic contains are the antivirals allicin and ajoene, which are able to effectively ward off infections and bacteria.

Oranges And Other Citrus – Oranges along with other citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes, and grapefruit, are extremely high in natural vitamin C. What ingesting vitamin C does is it increases the white blood cells in your body.

The absorption of vitamin C as a result is able to fortify the immune system against infection, disease, and bacteria. So make sure you drink that glass of pure OJ once you’re feeling a bit under the weather to avoid that unwanted cold.

The best thing is that we all enjoy eating oranges, so throw a couple into your lunch, or have them for dessert instead of cake, as it also acts as a fresh palate cleanser.

Fortunately, oranges in North America are also usually in season during the winter months, and are at their peak sweetness and juiciest. You should also get into the habit of squeezing lemon or lime into your drinking water at all times.

You And Your Yogurt – What your body gets is a probiotic boost, this from eating your daily helping of yogurt. You should also consider topping it with with fresh berries, when available, to increase the antioxidant value, or mix sliced oranges in as well.

Yogurt is the “good” bacteria which is able to help in maintaining a healthy balance of microbes which resides in your stomach. Make sure that you choose the products and brands which contain “active” cultures for the best results.

Oh Yes Eat Those Oysters – Those who’ve eaten oysters as a meal are usually on the fence regarding their taste. They either absolutely love them or despise their uniqueness. For the oyster lovers, you’re in luck as they’re actually good for you and your immune system.

Oysters are extremely high in zinc content, which helps the white blood cells in your body fight off bacteria and disease, while promoting them to reproduce quicker as well.

What zinc does is it also helps in strengthening antibodies, so they’re able to fight off infection and illness a lot better and more quicker. So for those who enjoy this particular seafood, slurp away with a squeeze of lemon.

Why Carrots Are On The List – Carrots, the food of the bunnies are extremely high in the well known and familiar beta carotene, which will help in the production and the boosting of T-cells, while increasing the white blood cells as well.

While munching away on these carrots, you should also be considering and taking advantage of all the other “fresh as possible” orange vegetables as well, this during the cold and wintery season.

Squash and pumpkins, for instance, all have anti-inflammatory properties which are high in flavonoids, which are able to kill off germs and bacteria upon consumption, this before they take you down and out with a cold.

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