Earn Money With These 8 Social Networking Sites That Pays You For Sharing Your Expertise Or Opinions

So if your going to type, talk or write, or if you just want to interact and share information or expertise, you might as well get paid for it right? Well, I say heck, yeah…

There are now a multitude of social networking type of sites such as Facebook and MySpace which has become mighty popular recently because of its “peer to peer” aspect of interacting with others online. So, it was simply a matter of time before some of these sites began began paying their users to take part in socializing with others. Whether it be posting information in forums, offering assistance on-site or over the phone on your knowledge, here are the Top 8 sites where you can get paid to take part in discussions.

BitWine allows you to earn cash for taking calls, as in phone calls, giving those in need your expert advice. You set up a profile page indicating the topics and areas of interest you wish to advise on, and then set a “price’ on how much you charge per minute. BitWine is integrated with Skype, so you have to download and install the skype application in order to take calls. You can then “set up” on your page, when you are able to take calls or even set up appointments in advance.

ChaCha is a “Search Engine” that employs “Guides” to assist in making their search results relevant and accurate to their users. ChaCha offers the users of their site, as an option, to converse with a “Guide”. The guide will suggest sites to the user depending on what they are looking for. Anyone can go to ChaCha and apply to be a “Guide” and you can make around $5 and $10 per hour. You can work whenever you want, (set your own hours), and request payment at any time, so says their website.

DaDa.net is a full fledged social networking site much like MySpace, as it has millions of users. Members of dada can create their own personal page as well as list their interests, write a blog, post videos, and link and comment on their friends pages, much like any social website. The site also offers a monetary program called “Friend$” which allows you to cash in, just for using the site or referring your friends to it. You can also earn by driving visitors to your personal page.

Ether is a site that pays you for assisting and advising your expertise to others over the phone. They will supply you with your own personal number and extension (USA and Canada only) that forwards to your home phone number. You decide on the topics you want to advise on, as well as what you would like to charge for your service. This is usually set by the minute, hour, or even charge a flat rate per call. You set the hours you are available to take calls, by turning the “On/Off” switch on your Ether number on the site. Ether does not promote your number or service, so it’s up to you to let people know about it.

Just Answer is a question and answer site much like Yahoo Answers, where experts answer questions for customers, but get paid for it. When you apply to answer questions, you will be required to provide credentials… such as university degrees or professional licenses, although they are not required. New queries appear frequently, this along with the amount customer are willing to pay to have it satisfactorily answered. You as an expert, answer questions by simply posting message replies. A “chat” option is also available as well. If your “answer” is accepted, the amount that is paid is split 50/50 between you and Just Answer. The more questions that you answer, the more your share will be with Just Answer.

Jyve is another Q and A type of site where you can offer your expertise to others online. When users of the site asks questions, the majority of them are answered via live chat. You can get paid from Jyve for answering questions if the user chooses to tip you. You can also sign up for “JyvePro”, which gives you the option of taking paid voice calls using Skype. These calls and answers can be prepaid, or you can speak with the person first before switching to the paid call option.

myLot is a large discussion community where users are paid for just contributing to its discussions. Once you sign up, anyone can start a discussion or just post in an already existing discussion that someone else has started. All discussions are organized into “interest groups” covering almost any topic such as, current issues and news, Questions and Answers etc. MyLot is focused more on “chatting” than writing, so serious writers will find more earnings elsewhere. If you enjoy a casual chatting environment, and while MyLot won’t get you rich, it is a good spot to converse.

Tutor.com is an online tutoring site. Tutor.com has an “online classroom” environment where you can chat with students in need. You can use an interactive white-board, browse sites together, and send each other files back and forth. You as a tutor, can schedule your own hours which can be anywhere from 5-30 hours per week. To apply, you must live in the US or Canada, and have some type of degree. You can fill out their online application, which puts you through the screening process. Tutor.com pays very competitive rates for your expert tutoring and also has a tutor training program.

So there you have it, go on the internet, talk or write and get paid for it.

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