Creating Abundance In Your Life By Expressing Gratitude

why you should be showing your complete gratitudeYou really do create your own path based on what you think. The seed that’s planted on whatever you hope for, grows, allowing you to reap what you sow. This has been a well known fact, even before the concept of abundance was that well known. It’s a simple statement. This thought form is based on the Law Of Attraction, along with The Law Of Karma, the secret being, be as emotionally grateful and generous as possible, which will undeniably lead a path towards the creation of abundance.

What karma projects are the choices that we’ve made in the past, which can be words that we’ve said, or the deeds that were done. The belief being “what” we did, whether good or bad, will eventually somehow return back to us.

The good news is that we can begin today, this moment to neutralize the past, just bury it, and then begin to lay a new foundation of what we want for the future.

This begins by creating the type of energy which generates emotional generosity. There is a method of doing so, the most difficult perhaps being forgiveness.

Be Thankful Forgive Be Generous With Complete Gratitude

Learning How To Forgive
Forgiving can be a steep hill to climb. This because we don’t feel that we want or need to forgive. At times, it’s even hard to be able to forgive ourselves, resulting in us walking around in a cloud of anxiety and guilt.

Why is it, or who are they, that’s the most difficult when it comes to forgiveness. When you look, introspect, you realize that the person who’s the most hard to forgive, is usually someone that you love the most.

The Path To Forgiveness
Forgiveness is an extraordinary human power which we all possess, while there are some who don’t necessarily like or believe in forgetting. If there’s anything that’s valuable which can be extracted from forgiving, it then becomes important to know why the lesson learned proved to be so valuable.

Forget Things That Are Wrong – Remembering Things Which Are Good
What this requires is a complete shifting of our focus from damaging feelings such as holding grudges, being angry, or being resentful. The first damage being you place your health at risk.

So begin by writing down the reasons why you were, or still are attracted or associated with the person who happened to hurt you. The roadblock is those feelings of resentment, which prevents you from receiving all of the good things which you deserve in life.

Express Your Blessings
Start by focusing on that person who you are angry with. The person that you feel who may have wronged you, or you’ve wronged them in some way. Then begin writing positive blessings and wishes about that person.

Write a list of things which you wish they can find helpful. Wish the person loving moments of calm, stability, and peace in their lives. Wish good health, happiness, and good fortune. The good thoughts which you send to them, without they even knowing, will somehow be returned back to you.

Make Sure That You Compliment As Much As Possible
A way of planting the abundance seed is to begin complimenting others as much as possible. Once you see someone, for the very first time, or it could be an old friend, compliment on how good they look because of their recent weight loss.

In the past, you may of thought, why even give them the satisfaction and the acknowledgement of telling them how great they look. But instead, verbally give them the satisfaction, it will instantly make them feel better while making yourself feel better as well.

The Expression Of Gratitude
Go ahead and express your gratitude by sending a quick “Thank You” email or text, or even a hand written note. Make everything that you do in your daily life be based on complete gratitude, including acknowledging the elderly and the young alike. Begin by using “Thank You” as regular words in your vocabulary.

Adopt the attitude of gratitude. Even if you’re not completely satisfied with the service that you just received, or the state of what your life may be today, just make sure that you still perform the motions of being grateful.

What this does is it will trigger the emotion that is gratitude. This is similar to continuously reminding your self to improve your posture, as it will have the same effect and result. You’ll also instantly become more energetic and confident.

Growing Your Abundance
Generating abundance begins and is filled once you grant your forgiveness, which is laced with compliments, blessings, and writing “Thank you” emails or notes.

It also involves supporting others while constantly expressing your gratitude, which can be in the form of words, or you just being there. This should be practiced and maintained daily by finding something to be thankful for.

Look out for and place a stop to all the attacks of criticism, those unkind snide remarks which you’re about to let loose from your tongue. Also be aware of and avoid giving someone the silent treatment, or thinking that you need to get even.

Once you eliminate all of this resentment, then open up a place where you can only give gratitude. The universe will then respond by filling up that empty spot with complete blessing. What this does is it sets up the stage which will ultimately attract abundance.

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