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What Do You Mean Everyone Lies On Their Online Dating Profile

One of the conveniences of this highly plugged in technological lifestyle that we live in, is it now promises to find us a date, a perfect match without the initial pain of physical association. So we surrender to the mercy

The Signs And Symptoms That You Need To Quit That Dead End Job

What the latest surveys show is that there are more workers who are fed up, this more than ever before in their current jobs. The biggest reason being boredom because of repetition. Others feel that their dream professions has eluded

How To Recognize And Handle The Drama Queens In Your Life

They can come across as being charismatic and convincing, the drama queens among us. They’ll draw you into their personal emergency web and attention issues. They’ll ask for your help, they want you to help in solving their distress, so

Critical Health Mistakes Which Deters You From Getting Fit

What most dedicate their life to is longevity, to get fitter, stronger, or healthier, this to live a more sustainable life. We follow through on this quest by eating better, getting fit by going to the gym more, and cutting

Observations From One Growing Older What To Expect As You Age

If everything goes as planned, provided that there is a plan, you become independent escaping the shackles, and attack head on into real adulthood. Hopefully prepared, you’re ready to tackle whatever life throws your way. You then hit your stride

Reasons Why Self-Esteem Is The Sounding Board On How You Feel

Everything that happens to us on a daily basis, what we do is judge or measure ourselves, this either good or bad on how we did, that’s our self-esteem. This measurement constantly shifts, becoming a difficult moving target to meter.

Ready Set Go Make Plans Take Action Get The Results You Want

Every new turn, a new month, a New Year, or what another revolution of a birthday does is it offers the opportunity for a new beginning, a fresh new start. But each day you wake up still feels the same,

The Secret Of Success Is To Do What The Happy People Do

What is true happiness, there are those among us who appears to be absolutely giddy about themselves on this big planet of ours. What most of us are conditioned to be is look happy, but depending on how our day’s

The Best Most Effective Remedy For Fighting The Flu Is

We all just love to sleep, it’s the one thing we need and look forward to the most. That long peaceful uninterrupted snooze, feeling completely refreshed and raring to go in the morning. Sleep is also vitally important when it

For Abundance Sake Know Which Money Personality Type You Are

What just the mention of money does is it activates the deepest of emotions in most. Are you motivated by scarcity or abundance. Are you cheap or are you generous, realizing that money is just an infinite symbol and something

Why We All Need A Technology Break By Doing A Digital Detox

Just half a century ago, the technology that we have today was a futuristic space fantasy, was science fiction. Imagine a small device that you can carry in your pocket which acts as a phone from anywhere you are, while

The Strategically Proven Method Of Keeping Your Resolutions

How redundant, the most popular resolution made by most every year is to improve their health. So once January rolls around, millions of “fit challenged” will resolve to plan making a commitment of losing a bit of weight, and by

The Scientific Explanation On How Alcohol Drunks Your Body

What drinking alcohol does is it helps you relax in social situations, your mind begins to blend, it makes any human who can tolerate the taste or manage the aftereffects the following morning, feel pretty good about themselves, become bold,

Why The Key To Successful Relationships Is Maturity And Not Age

“The secret to a long lasting marriage is to marry someone who’s uglier than you,” she said. They say that we can’t control whom we fall in love with, that love is blind as a bat, and it doesn’t care

Questions You Need To Ask For Making More Sense Of Your Life

The reasons why you’re here on earth is you need your current life to make sense, knowing what the basic roots of your motivations are. You need to feed your mind, soul, and body by giving it definition to your

All I Want For Christmas Is Chocolate So Gimme Some

Sweet smooth silky chocolate along with the other sweets that we love to devour. After all ‘tis the season which we all surrender to all of the excess decadence, this especially as chocolate and all its varieties appear to be

The Key To Success Is Getting Up Once You’ve Been Knocked Down

What life does is it’ll throw us curve balls, sets us on a weaving journey of snakes and ladders, dishing out ups and downs when we least expect it. Life is filled with failure, learning, and challenges. The key is

The Will To Succeed By Dealing With Sudden Life Changes

What we’re living in is a radically different reality right now than just a few years ago, even last month. The life that we projected with all its hopes, the dreams and the relationships we had are now filed away