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Using Impression Management Skills To Become A Better Leader

Always place your best foot forward to impress others. There are certain unwritten rules that you need to apply when making that initial good first impression. Most are familiar with the basics, such as dressing appropriately, being conscious of body

How You Can Create Your Own Luck And Not By Accident

Most just think it’s fate, the reason why some just appear to be more luckier than others. But why not subscribe to the thought that luck flowing your way can actually be created by you exerting energy, and it not

How To Get Anything You Want By Working Smarter Not Harder

We’re taught to do things the hard way, to work hard, this in order to get what we want. But what if that’s not true, that life is easy and a wonderful experience. That miracles do happen, and that you

Developing Conflict Resolution Skills Once Someone Gets Mad

Becoming upset is a situation that nobody wants to face. Controlling the anger that’s rising in oneself or others becomes a critical skill in one’s personal as well as business life. Having a short fuse, getting easily ticked off can

How To Keep A Relationship Things To Never Say In A Love Affair

Long term sustainable relationships have a foundation based on love, honesty, and trust. Although honesty is important in any relationship, it can also be painful. There are some things that just can’t be said because of the damage it may

Seven Ways To Remain Happy Stay Calm And Avoid Moodiness

Some for no reason at all will wake up feeling the blahs, feeling that all they want to do is sleep, or sit and just watch TV or aimlessly surf the Internet. We’ve all been there. Having low energy and

The Arrogance Among Us Why Some Come Across As Superior

Some just come across as being smug, but are they really any better, the consensus being that they’re not. It’s the condescending attitude, the air of arrogance that’s being projected, thinking that they’re simply better. The reason its found is

Avoid The Poor Attitude Choices Which Will Set Your Life Back

What we all want is to live a clear clean crisp life with no regrets. A transparent slate as the decades and the memories pile up as we enter our twilight. What we also don’t want is endlessly waiting until

The Critical Steps To Achieving The Success You Deserve

If you take a broad cross of those who aren’t successful on what success means to them, you’ll get a variety of things and different answers. Whatever your definition may be, whatever you want or strive for, ultimate success is

Avoid The Frenzy Panic By Avoiding The Holiday Shopping Traps

It’s here, the home stretch, we’re entering the biggest most lucrative shopping season for retailers, and a paradise for bargain hunters. Regardless of how much you shop or how much you enjoy it, like everyone else, most will begin the

Get Others To Like You By Activating Stealth People Skills

There are some who always needs to be right, even if they know they’re wrong. Their ego supersedes. Or they’ll start talking down to you, telling you that you’re wrong, patronize or belittle you, with a tone where you can

Begin To Think More Creatively By Losing The Shackles

We as children are born with the gift of creativity, freely expressing and exploring our new world around us. But as we grow older, we lose this ability. We become prejudiced as others place blocks, barriers in front of us,

Why Content Marketing Is The Most Effective Online Marketing

On a daily basis, there are millions of new content pieces which are published on the Internet. So it’s not a question of if it works, but what’s the most effective method. There’s no question that content remains king. Content

Acting From The Inside Out Dictates Your Personal Empowerment

Once we realize that we need to make changes in our lives, what we instinctively do is look externally for help, as the resources which are available know better than us, right? What we have is that perfect vision in

Today Is The Day That You Begin To Fulfill Your True Destiny

Our instincts as human beings is that we’re social animals. That we’re able to thrive, to survive as a species for the most part, because we’re able to connect, help, and work together for each other, this in order to

How Technology Is Making Us A Society of Social Introverts

Whenever you take a stroll around any busy city street, what you’ll immediately notice is everyone is in their own cocoon. That everybody has their head slumped, buried in their smartphones, or have noise reducing, high decibel headphones plugged into

How To Get That Delicate Balance In Your Life Health And Work

We’ve all witnessed it, we’ve seen intelligent educated individuals who’s created a life they’ve desired, somehow self destruct, they giving up or giving in for one reason or another, becoming consumed with despair and anger. The mystery is why this

The Art Of Detecting Nonverbal Reveals Through Body Language

Without a word being spoken, there’s a completely different language that’s being said, this completely silent, this the expression of using nonverbal body language to think or project how someone thinks or feels. This is considered an art because not