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Why We Sports Fans Love Cheering For The Underdog Team To Win

If you have no association with the teams that are playing in the big game, that your “homer” team didn’t make it and are not in the finals, then know there’s you along with millions of others who are cheering

Steps To Take When Faced With Life’s Most Daunting Challenges

We’re all faced with challenges, roadblocks on a daily basis, this in our immediate lives and more on a macro scale. We constantly face adversity in our lives such as illnesses, injury, grief, divorce, human loss, or venturing haphazardly into

How To Handle All Of Those Awkward Moments In Your Life

Feeling awkward, it’s happened to all of us at some point in our lives. Most often, there’s nothing that you can do about it, undo, or reverse the situation. You might attempt to just ignore it, hoping that you could

Ways On How Social Media Can Completely Destroy Your Career

Social media is proving to be the proverbial writing on the bathroom wall. Anything and everything goes, all the dirt will eventually be exposed, written or tagged about you, by yourself, or from someone else. Gossip can be rampant at

Feel No Stress No Fear By Living Your Life At This Moment

Learn to remove the emotional clutter out of your life, which then activates in motion all of your manifestations magnetically pulling closer towards you. Live in the moment to get access to the power and the magic of the present.

Ways On How eCommerce Sites Influences Impulsive Buying

Your consumer pulse accelerates at certain times of the year, holidays, birthdays, the end of the workweek, especially the end of the year. This the period when online retailers capitalize on the science of buyer behavior. These are the times

How Making Mistakes Makes You More Successful In Business

The biggest mistake that you can make is to avoid mistakes. It’s considered a fatal error attempting to do things right the first time, or be too scared to try. Mistakes are happenstance. In the impulse economy that we live

It’s Annoying When You’re Constantly Wanting To Please Others

The very instance that you begin to go beyond what you need to do, start bending over backwards, this to please someone else other than yourself, this when it’s not justified, and you do so constantly, is when you begin

When Alone And In The Dark This Is Why The Pretty Girls Cry

One known fact for certain is that beautiful women despise other pretty women, while denying the fact. There are plenty of women who are graced with beauty among us, and the last thing you would think is insecurity. The reason

The Signs Telling You To Grow Up And Get Your Life Together

Don’t tell me what to do, it’s my life, who do you think you are telling me I should do this and shouldn’t be doing that. This the precious and the ignorance of independence. Then one day, it hits you

Steps That You Need To Take When You Don’t Succeed In Life

Not succeeding when attempting to do something can be unsettling, a demoralizing experience that no one wants to go through. Although it’s true that you can’t control every event that happens in your life, what you can control is how

The Secret That Drives The Internet And Your Marketing Efforts

There wasn’t a huge celebration when the Internet was first plugged in. There’s history however on why it was created, its concept, and more importantly what its purpose was. Everything has a beginning, and these are the humble beginnings on

Why Being A Highly Sensitive Extrovert Leads To Success

What’s usually associated with those who are introverted, is that they must be sensitive. You know the type, the ones who cry often and easily. What’s known for certain is that these particular personality types, have the built in capacity

What Do You Mean Everyone Lies On Their Online Dating Profile

One of the conveniences of this highly plugged in technological lifestyle that we live in, is it now promises to find us a date, a perfect match without the initial pain of physical association. So we surrender to the mercy

The Signs And Symptoms That You Need To Quit That Dead End Job

What the latest surveys show is that there are more workers who are fed up, this more than ever before in their current jobs. The biggest reason being boredom because of repetition. Others feel that their dream professions has eluded

How To Recognize And Handle The Drama Queens In Your Life

They can come across as being charismatic and convincing, the drama queens among us. They’ll draw you into their personal emergency web and attention issues. They’ll ask for your help, they want you to help in solving their distress, so

Critical Health Mistakes Which Deters You From Getting Fit

What most dedicate their life to is longevity, to get fitter, stronger, or healthier, this to live a more sustainable life. We follow through on this quest by eating better, getting fit by going to the gym more, and cutting

Observations From One Growing Older What To Expect As You Age

If everything goes as planned, provided that there is a plan, you become independent escaping the shackles, and attack head on into real adulthood. Hopefully prepared, you’re ready to tackle whatever life throws your way. You then hit your stride