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Managing Mass Mobile Content Consumption In The New Information Era

Not too long ago, as in a couple of decades, everyone just primarily used a land-line rotary phone, and their only source of news was printed on a newspaper or heard on radio. They also had to physically stand up

Safety Tips For Mobile Device Protection When Shopping Online

The convenience of Mobile Devices makes it all that much easier to shop and spend online. Why even bother getting out of bed when starting your shopping excursion this year and just snag all of the great deals on the

The Risks Of Mobile Devices On Enterprise Networks

The majority of us now own some type of mobile device such as an iOS or an Android Smartphone or tablet, and most likely use it for business as well as for personal use. It wasn’t that long ago when

Steve Jobs: Made Technology Human The Vision The Products The Marketer

I seen my very first computer while in college in the late 1970’s, it was the size of a Volvo and just as stout and square. Shortly after that, much more manageable desktop computer models became available, such as the

So How Can You Generate Revenue From Developing Mobile Applications

There are apps available for smartphones and tablet PC’s now for practically anything that you or anyone else on the planet who has a mobile device has a need for. The biggest issue however which faces the majority of the

What Are QR Codes And Why Do I Need This For My Business

So you’re a savvy consumer walking through the mall or down the shopping district of your city, and you notice something that’s intriguing to you in the window. You see a huge black and white checkered square which looks like

Why Upgrading To 4G Mobile Broadband Will Speed Up Your Life

There’s a valid reason why the majority of smartphones, tablet PC’s and practically any other mobile device all support and use what’s originally pretty much a non-mobile based technology, and that is Wi-Fi. The reason for this is because in

How To Keep Your Mobile Devices As Safe and Secure As Possible

Mobile devices because of their portability, vulnerability and popularity are becoming prime targets for unwanted security based threats such as: malware, spyware and data theft. So it’s becoming vitally important to make sure that you have the best updated security

HTML5 Why The Adoption Of HTML5 Is Gaining Popularity By Mobile Devices

The number of web browsers which are expected to be using HTML5 is estimated to be in the couple billion within the next few years. This is mainly because of the prominence of mobile devices and more specifically Apple. The

How To Stay Connected By Using Portable Wireless Devices

When your out and about and have the right mobile device with you, you’re then able to completely take advantage of all what wireless technology has to offer. This whether you’re wanting to find an Internet connection to check your

Why Enterprises Should Be Concerned About Mobile Device Security

Almost everyone now owns one, some type of mobile device which also most likely connects to the Internet. Apple the industry leader in portable mobility has sold over 100 million units of their iPhone and iPad mobile devices, which runs

The Best Google Android Travel Apps – Relax On Your Next Vacation

One of the most awesome combinations has to be finding useful Travel Apps and then plugging them into your Android Smartphone, which can help you in planning as well as organizing your next vacation. This is pretty much an obvious

The Best Smartphone Apps For Improving Productivity At The Workplace

Regardless of the type of Smartphone you own, there is no doubt that it’s the availability as well as the selection of apps, is what makes the mobile device great. So whether you use apps from Google’s Android Market or

Wanted Immediate Mobile Device Application Developer Positions Available

The corporate world is currently in a tailspin as there is a shortage and a demand for Mobile Applications which are required for their businesses. There is a need for developers who are willing to adapt their technical skill sets

Why The New Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone Will Be The Best Ever

Apple went out and completely revolutionized a newer and better electronic “mousetrap” by developing the mobile smartphone. They constructed an interactive mobile phone which was able to connect to the internet among other usable functions. They practically invented a brand

Know Your Options When It Comes To Wireless Technology

The newest of Wireless Technology offers their differences as well as their own unique benefits. Wireless availability continues to develop almost at warp speed in popularity as well as technology and ubiquity. There are a lot more people who are

How To Manage Media On Your Android Using Windows Media Player

So if you own an Android based Smartphone, there’s a way to get an Apple iTunes type of desktop app for your mobile device. This can be done by using Windows Media Player, which allows the syncing of videos, music

Is Your Smartphone Always Being On Such A Bad Thing?

The very first thing that you did when you woke up a few years ago was to light up a cigarette and take a shot of hot black coffee, but now you pick up your Smartphone from your nightstand and