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Why A Responsive Site Is Preferred For Mobile Marketing

A rapid shift in technology is transforming as you read this. The mobile internet is expected to completely overtake desktop computers shortly. So the time for you to make the transitional switch is now, to shift your company over to

We Are Now Completely Consumed By Mobile Please Make It Stop

What we now love more than anything is our mobile devices, our smartphones, or any other mobility contraption which keeps us connected when were out and about, on the move. It’s estimated that on average, we’ll check or somehow interact

The Trend Of Mobile Spending Becoming Extremely Popular

The popularity of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are now becoming the instrument of choice when it comes to eCommerce. These devices are now dictating how consumers are interacting, and spending on everything that’s retail. The actual amount of time

The iPhone Isn’t The Trendy Shining Star That It Once Was

Gone are the days where you had to make a choice on which smartphone to purchase. It now comes down to either an Apple iPhone, provided that you can afford one and deal with its various nuances, or an Android

RIM Blackberry How Are The New Z10 And Q10 Smartphones Doing

It all comes down to consumer and business preference, the end buyer always dictates the trend. There are some who claim that it’s Blackberry’s last attempt, their last swing at the mobile smartphone market. BlackBerry has unveiled their 10 line

Steps To Optimize Facebook Nearby For Local Mobile Users

Not too long ago there was an update by Facebook for Business specific for local businesses owners and mobile users, which they referred to as Facebook Nearby. Facebook Nearby is a mobile check-in service for smartphone users, making it possible

How To Take Advantage Of Location Based Mobile Marketing

Regardless of what type of mobile device that’s being used, the numbers are staggering and on the increase when it comes to consumers who are now browsing the Web, this usually on their smartphones. This occurs when they’re out of

Taking Advantage Of The Next Evolution In Mobile Technology

Mobile technology and mobile apps are completely revolutionizing the wheels of the tech industry. The over 5 billion mobiles which are now active around the world who rely on these portable devices can’t be wrong. As a result, the once

How Does Cloud Computing Change Internet Security Protocol

Cloud computing and it’s related services are continuously altering the landscape when it comes to network security. These cloud based services claim that your data is completely secure from any viral attacks. But if you do a search for the

Apple Previews Their Latest iOS 6 Mobile Operating System

Apple recently previewed their latest, greatest, most likely trend setting iOS 6, mobile operating system designed to cater to their iPhone, iPod, and the iPad hardware. According to Apple, the designated launch date is expected to be the fall of

Review Guide For Buying The Best Functional Smartphone

The new and improved Smartphones which are now available by the various manufacturers are increasing in popularity because of their better functionality, features and lower costs. According to the latest statistics, smartphones, which accounted for a less than 19% percent

The Distinct Class Separation When It Comes To High Tech

A friend and I recently attended a seminar, and during a break between speakers, a complete stranger comes up to us, points and snickers; “So do you actually still use that thing?” he asks, condescendingly and annoyingly pointing towards my

How To Use Social Media More Efficiently On Apple Safari Browsers

If you’re like the majority of PC users, you’ll mostly likely have at least one Mac device in your home or your office. So what’s listed are a few tips on how to better use social media on your Safari

Mobile Marketing Sites And Apps On The Verge Of Going Mainstream

There are an increasingly number of users on a daily basis who are converting to mobile with smartphones and tablets PC’s. The demand for access to mobile content is growing exponentially without any signs of slowing down. The immense popularity

Steps For Locking And Securing Your Smartphone Device

There’s now just too much sensitive personal and professional data which you store on your Smartphone which needs to be securely protected. If this delicate data ever happens to be hacked and accessed by someone who has bad intentions, all

Why Developers Are Choosing HTML5 Over Mobile Applications

There’s a growing number of developers, marketers and merchants experienced in mobile site development who are absolutely ecstatic about the arrival of HTML5. HTML5 is the newest web programming language on the block that’s proving to having the potential to

Upgrading Your Wireless Network With A Secure Wireless-N Router

It wasn’t too long ago that the average home network distributed Internet access through cabled Ethernet wire to all of the components on the network. The file distribution and swapping however was extremely slow and often limited between the various

Buyers Guide Finding A Smartphone To Fit Your Needs

The Difference Between A Smartphone And A Standard Cellphone Although there’s no real textbook definition, Smartphones are the “smarter” sibling which allows you to directly connect to the Internet to browse the Web or manage your email. They also allow