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Buyer Review Of The Apple Macbook Air Laptop Computer

While the MacBook Air isn’t technically considered an Ultrabook, what it does is it offers the exact characteristic of being the ultimate prototype, or the blueprint for the new wave of these portable laptop counterparts which are currently hitting the

Review Of Tablet PCs: Google Nexus And Microsoft Surface

Google has recently revealed their 7 inch Nexus 7, which is expected to sell for $199. This price point is the same as the popular Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet, and thus Google is not going up against the almighty standard,

How Retailers Can Increase Their Online Sales By Using Marketplaces

The majority of online retailers are not as successful as should or wanting to be. As a result, the dominant “Marketplaces” of the Web, such as the Amazon’s of the online world, are becoming a vital cog for most of

The Mad Men Among Us The World According To Don Draper

The dramady extraordinaire that is Mad Men, is about the industrial business mechanics of a Madison Avenue advertising agency, Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce, which portrays a slice of life during contemporary and cosmopolitan 1960’s New York. The opening, which

What Motivates Pro Athletes To Become Clutch When It Counts

The majority of Professional Athletes thrive on the fuel of adrenaline and the energy of the fans. This because these adrenaline rushes combined with their skill, once they align and become focused, pushes them to their peak, making them believe

Mobile Ads The Next Great Online Advertising Opportunity

There are an increasing number of online marketers and businesses who are currently tweaking and testing out the nuances of advertising on mobile devices. Google in particular claims that the landscape looks a lot similar to how traditional search ads

Google To Offer A Tablet PC To Compete With The iPad

Google is shortly planning to sell through their online store, their own co-branded version of the Tablet PC. This in the hopes of taking away market share from one of their chief arch rivals and direct competitor, Apple Corp, and

Growing A Sustainable Online Business For Retailers To Increase Sales

In a world of constant change and distraction that we live in, finding the proper formula to attract and then retaining those online consumers long enough for them to make a purchase, or providing enough stickability, so they’ll return back

How Current Technology Is Taking Away Real Life Activities

Once upon a time everything was manual and time consuming. You had to actually get up and do it yourself. When you wanted to switch to the other channel while watching TV, you had to get off your couch and

A Social Media Guide For Those Who Avoid Gossip

It’s pretty much apparent that Facebook was primarily predicated on an easy way to promote gossip online. This based on the movie when a student asks Mark Zuckerberg to find out whether a female student was single or not. What

9 Ideas On How To Use Pinterest For Your Business

For those who write computer code for constructing websites, and anyone with a spark of imagination, can come up with a concept such as Pinterest, and it’s also relatively inexpensive to do. But a simple idea like Pinterest catching absolute

Professional Online Video Production Options For Corporations

Video Production budgets for larger corporations and the enterprise sector are growing exponentially. With some of the larger companies allocating a budget of up to half-million dollars dedicated just for video production, extremely high end quality as well as proprietary

Mobile Marketing Sites And Apps On The Verge Of Going Mainstream

There are an increasingly number of users on a daily basis who are converting to mobile with smartphones and tablets PC’s. The demand for access to mobile content is growing exponentially without any signs of slowing down. The immense popularity

How People Lie To You Online Find Out If Someone Is Lying

In real life, when in a face to face confrontation, the majority of us are not that skilled or aware enough to tell if someone is lying directly to our face or not. This percentile rises exponentially when we’re attempting

Ways How Advertisers Pick Your Wallet And Take Your Money

There are a couple of scientific techniques on how Advertisers effectively persuade you as a consumer to hand over your hard earned money to them. Among the tactics that they use to persuade you are actually pretty much commonly familiar.

Apple’s iPad 3 A Winner For Online Mobile Commerce

When the original iPad was introduced by Apple a few years ago, there were a few technology experts who claimed that the tablet would just be a mere compliment to the laptop or desktop computer. The development of this mobile

Why The Tablet PC Is Becoming The Next Big Tech Product

History on the digital frontier is once again churning its virtual wheels. Desktop computers have always been large, heavy, slow and troublesome in function, much like that overheating domestic oil burning four door family car. The new era of technology

Why And How To Spot Fake Reviews Comments And Online Ratings

There are warnings posted by several Consumer Awareness Websites along with Internet Watchdogs that some of the so called consumers who provide feedback or Reviews on sites on a variety of products or services, may not always quite be who