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How To Write That Executive Resume For That High Paying $100,000+ Job

So what then makes an executive resume be considered “executive”? Is it the presentation or the format? It most likely has to be the content and layout? Or are high paying executive resumes all about a personal marketing strategy? Executive

Tips For Baby And Child Safety at Home

Did you know that unfortunately the majority of unneeded accidents happen at home? And the main victims of these injuries are young children. Child and baby safety in the home is becoming a major concern, especially if you are a

Drinking Green Tea: Is It The Miracle Weight Loss Drink?

Are you looking to shed a few of extra pounds to fit into those summer clothes? You’re also looking to slim down a bit, as well as wanting that healthier looking body. Well, these days, in a world where everyone

Tips On How To Apply For Online Post Secondary Education

For anyone who has ever applied for any type of post secondary education, either college or university, they will tell you it can be at times a difficult and lengthy process. For some application forms, it can actually take several

Looking To Purchase Or Invest In Foreclosure Homes – Then Read This

Well, the first thing that you should be looking forward to, when you potentially wanting to purchasing a foreclosed home, is spending weeks and maybe even months of diligent research. The opportunities presented in finding foreclosure homes often fall under

You Are A Single Attractive Woman In Your 30’s, So Why Then Are You Still Single

Marlene, 34, is a successful freelance interior decorator, an Oprah and Martha Stewart fanatic. She goes on a trip every year during the summer to visit her parents in Chicago for a family reunion. She usually stays for a little

The Swine Flu Virus Like The Bird Flu: What Are The Chances Of A Global Pandemic

The Avian influenza, or the bird or swine flu, was discovered over a hundred years ago, and to date, there are currently several strains of these particular viruses. Unfortunately, many of these viruses have become deadly, particularly the one’s known

3 Easy Exercises – It’s All About Working The Transvers Abdominus Muscles For A Flat Stomach

What.. Excuse me? Transverse muscles? Isn’t that when you join the circus and do that back flip thing? Well, not exactly, transverse muscles are a group of stomach muscles that often gets neglected when doing abdominal exercise routines. They are

How The World Economy And The Consumer Is Affected By Global Warming

Global warming is real, here to stay, and it can and is proving to be a costly global occurrence. For a lot of reasons, worldwide financial considerations have already been impacted. For anyone who looks at their wallet for any

The 2009 Baseball Season Starts – Win 97% Of Your Bets With Sportsbettingchamp

The MLB baseball season is finally starting, the boys of summer will begin the marathon that is the baseball season, leading up to the World Series in the fall. So you don’t know anything about sports or baseball in particular,

Basic Steps That You Can Take To Avoid Diabetes

Before any panic sets in, for those who are or may be prone to diabetes, should completely familiarize themselves with the disease. This is to set up precautionary measures or any negative thoughts that you may have. Having knowledge about

A Review On Finding The Right Teeth Whitening Product

There is a variety of teeth whitening systems and products available on the market now, as it has become a necessity to have and maintain sparkling, brilliant white teeth. The market itself has grown in the past few years of

Be Debt Free In 2009 – The Three Secret Sources To Debt Relief Consolidation

In these increasingly tough economic times, one’s debt can become concerning and even at times be overwhelming. Recent studies have shown that one’s personal financial burden, and the stress that’s associated with it, can have a negative effect, both emotionally

Calorie Restriction Diet Plan: Another Fad Diet? Stick With The Ones That Work

The “Calorie Restriction Diet Plan” has been getting a lot of publicity lately, so is this the latest greatest diet invented or just another of the hundreds of fad diets that come out every year. If you want to lose

Where Are All The Legitimate Work At Home Job Opportunities

Working from home on the internet, is a legitimate way of earn an excellent part or even full time income, as many can testify, and there are a lot jumping on board on a daily basis. You can make decent

Up For A Spot Of Tea: The Origins, Flavors And Health Benefits Of The 4 Tea Types

How many times do you just feel like sitting down and wanting to sip a cup of tea in the morning, the afternoon or right after a heavy meal? But once you open your cupboard, you are suddenly bombarded with

Dear Micheal Scott – An Introduction To Pallets And Their Uses

When you see a delivery truck, or even a delivery van, as it’s being unloaded, you’ll almost certainly see pallets if you take a look inside. The majority of these pallets are wooden, but cardboard, plastic, or even metal are

When Visiting New York, New York – Here Are Some Fun Freebies For Your Family

New York City, New York, like they say, so darn good they named it twice. So other that being famous for the city that never sleeps, it’s also an excellent vacation destination for you and your family. If you’re considering