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Naturally Lowering Your Blood Pressure Without Medication

There are a variety of triggers which can increase your blood pressure. This much like a car overheating, there are influences which interacts, and then begins to distort the factory settings. The result is overheating, our blood begins to boil

The Most Common Myths Exposed Regarding Seasonal Allergies

With Spring approaching brings the warmer weather, which also invites allergies for those who are prone. So with the warming sunshine comes the sneezing, itching, and the sniffling. There’s a cloud of uncertainty when it comes to seasonal allergies. During

Get Real How Not To Come Across As A Fake Insincere Phony

You can sense them an earshot away, those who project how lame they really are, being a fraud of a personality. With narcissistic overtones, they’ll tell you exaggerated beliefs of how great they are, that they’re perfect and never at

Why Resistance Training Is Vitally Important For The Elderly

Resistance or strength training is particularly important, this for healthy aging. Doing so counteracts muscle loss related to growing older, since weight-bearing exercises are the most effective remedy against osteoporosis, this when bone mass loss becomes common. What happens is

Reasons To Procrastinate And How To Overcome It, Starting Now

The first step to overcoming procrastination is by admitting how often you procrastinate, and then assessing your methodologies of doing so. Doing so may not sound that difficult, this once you become aware of it, and then use the tactics

The Single Reason Why Your Latest Greatest Diet Doesn’t Work

The definition of a “diet” is it’s the customary or traditional food or beverage choice of a particular culture, person, or animal, a set culinary custom. So once you hear someone say, I’m going on a high protein diet, technically

Activating The 4 Energy Sources For Better Work Productivity

What we all want is to squeeze out as much productivity as possible during the workday, this to be as efficient as possible while saving time. It’s found that doing so begins with oneself, the ability to manage our personal

Hey Dolt Proof That Sarcastic People Are Smarter Than You

To be sarcastic, sarcasm as a joke form, so they say, is the ability to subtly insult someone without they immediately or never realizing it. In most cases, projecting sarcasm is thought to be a means of indirectly expressing passive

Forgive Before Your Wounds Run Too Deep And Becomes A Grudge

There are those who are successful, accomplished in their life and work, yet, they choose to hold a grudge, an error from a past misdoing, angry at their parents, siblings, for something that they perceived was done wrong to them.

Ways To Better Develop And Maintain Positive Relationships

Neighbors, people who live next door or down the street seldom take the time to get to know each other. What’s worse, co-workers who work for the same humongous company or work in the same building, ride the same elevator,

The Constant Battle Of Struggle Between Our Money And Time

There’s a hidden battle that we face on a daily basis, and that’s our time and it’s relationship with money. If we compress 30 years of our working lives into 3 years for instance, and accumulate how much we earn

Know The Signs That You’re Currently Romancing A Narcissist

We can all fall into the trap, become lured into liking someone radiant, so know the signs of a narcissist before it’s too late. What we want is to avoid this particular personality type, where the love affair becomes one

How Is It Even Possible To Self Hypnotize Yourself

We’ve all attended the country fairs where a mystic with dark hypnotic eyes invites you, dares you, that they can predict your future, reveal what will happen to you, place you under a hypnotic spell, this without any interference. Is

Are You Taking The Proper Steps To Battle Chronic Fatigue

When we think of energy, we think of children playing during recess or dogs running in a park, and then wonder how they’re so rambunctious. As we grow older, we begin to lose that zest, no longer feeling or wanting

Strategic Tactics Making Connections For Networking Events

Networking for many can be painful daunting events to attend, even for those who are well versed, as there is always anxiety and unfamiliarity. To meet someone for the first time can be awkward, needing to approach them to speak

See The Blinking Lights Once You’ve Met Your Soulmate In Life

Dare to call them a soulmate, whatever that means, as most think that’s some type of fairytale that likely doesn’t exist. Imagine another human that you’re totally aligned with chemically, how can that be possible. After all, life is about

How Traveling For Extended Periods Alters One’s Personality

For those who enjoy traveling extensively, to view the world from a strangers eyes, to witness and vision unique cultures and food, are distinctively different from those who’d rather stay close to home. Going abroad on vacations, this for extended

The Key Foundation For Those Who Are Successful Is Hard Work

What we constantly obsess over is reading, writing, and reacting about the lives of others who are a lot more successful than we are, this to the point of obsession or delusion. We all want to take on their lives,