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The Need To Master Self Abundance Before Becoming Wealthy

If you’re currently struggling with money issues, that the world has dealt you a bad hand, then it’s time to do a reality check. Realize you’re immensely abundant, rich and wealthy regardless of what your bank balance says. Abundance is

Slow Down! How The Slave Driver That Is Time Rules Our Lives

Wait slow down, it’s time to go, I’m going to be late. This is time, which we’re a slave to as it rules our lives. Despite planning, multitasking, scheduling, you’re still late for work. For everyone who needs to be

How To Survive The Holiday Season When You Remain Single

Did you know that the latest stats show that there are now 50.2% percent who are single, this appears the new trend. So although this is becoming the majority, it’s the holiday season which intensifies the feelings of being alone,

Why We Become So Sensitive And Offended By Negative Criticism

You just adore everyone giving you positive praise, but it’s that one negative criticism that shoots you down. We’ve all been told that we’re a loser, or pathetic. This hurts, especially if it’s from someone that you respect, or if

Proven Clinical Ways On How You Can Improve Your Intelligence

Most think that they’re pretty smart who at times just does stupid things. There’s a gap between common sense and IQ that some just can’t fill. What average means is that you’re no smarter or no dumber that the general

When Facing Change Why Not Turn It Into A Better Opportunity

What’s agreed is that change is inevitable. That we’re faced with change practically every moment. Time ticks forward by the second. So it’s up to us to maximize this time and change it to our benefit. Our life is in

The Triggers You Feel Whenever You’re Annoyed And Irritable

It’s often the little things, nuances which annoys and causes bigger reactions. Being annoyed is something that we’ve all experienced at various times, but what it stems from are other emotional states, which violates the atmosphere around everyone else. What

Know The Select Common Foods Which Drains Out Your Energy

You’ve been told that you are a dull and boring person, but wait, it’s not your drab personality, but most likely the food that you eat. There are certain daily common foods and beverages that we consume, which has been

The Tales Of Horror Of Adolescence: Are You A Man Or A Mouse

Kids can be so mean. Imagine being named Mickey and the closest association with that name is a mouse. Igor is a different story altogether. So begs the question, are you a man or a helpless mouse. This is the

The Stages Of Our Biological Life When Is The Best Time To Live

Oh to be young. Adolescence is a state that the young try to escape, and the old try to recapture again. When we were teens, we we’re told to enjoy that period of time, as it’s the best years of

Why Dancing Is The Best Movement Which Improves The Brain

From an early age, we’re taught that physical education, that fitness is just as important as Social Studies or Algebra. This to set up a life of accomplishment, that what we need is to refine a delicate balance in our

Your Life Begins The Moment That You Take Responsibility Of It

Your life won’t change until you assume full responsibility. Your ability to respond, isn’t a way of just accepting blame, but it’s rather assuming your ability to respond to all situations. Finding an empowering meaning, solving reasons for whatever happens

How To Control The Volatile Conditions Which Is Holiday Stress

You could feel it creeping up on you today, the holidays, the most festive time of year is ticking closer. This is a time of joy, to celebrate, enjoy good cheer with all your loved ones, friends and family, as

Select Vegetables That Are More Nutritious When Cooked Or Raw

Eating vegetables are the lifeline to better health, as they contain a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants such as flavonoids, carotenoids, and polyphenols, which prevents the contraction of major illness and disease, while increasing better mood. What injecting antioxidants does

Know Your Propensity Level For The Willingness To Take Risks

We all take risks on a daily basis. Cross the street against oncoming traffic, wear red instead of blue. We all differ in our appetite, from those who are adrenaline junkies, to those who are extremely cautious, to those unwilling

The Need To Reduce The Chemical Allergen Hazards In Your Home

We’re all exposed to multiple chemicals and allergies on a daily basis, some more than others. We all become vulnerable to the varying degrees as they begin to break down our immune system, making us more susceptible to colds, illness,

Clinical Methods Of Creating Real Life Miracles In Your Life

Personal development is the love you give to yourself. It’s available to you at any time this whether you understand its internal workings or not. There’s no need to have special skills of self improvement to achieve results, this by

How Poorly Processed Fast Foods Increases The Risk Of Diabetes

What’s alarming is that toddlers are now being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and it’s usually not genetic. The reason it’s believed is the poor quality of modern processed foods that they’re fed. Type 2 diabetes is generally referred to