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Remedies To Naturally Reduce That Pounding Migraine Headache

The definition of a migraine headache is that it’s an extended form of head pain which involves pressurized blood vessels, this usually on one side of the brain. The blood vessel, most likely an artery, does is enlarges in the

To Become Liked You Need To Tell Great Captivating Stories

Your lips are moving to non-responsive ears. What many gets enthralled by is listening to a great story. What makes you attractive and sought after, this beyond first impressions, is your ability to learn the art of storytelling. This could

How To Fight Off Those Negative Forces Before Becoming Great

What’s not possible is attempting to be positive all the times under every circumstance, as that’s just a fact of life that we all need to accept. Things will never go as planned. We can however set up warning signals

How To Overcome The Dreary That Is The Cold Winter Months

It’s no fun during the long cold nights and the sunless short days. What can be enjoyed however are the sparkling snow flakes and the winter events. Otherwise, what’s required is being bundled behind layers of clothing, this to keep

How To Quickly Reduce That Weight Gain From The Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of the year has now come and gone, and as usual in a flash. So what you’re left with are presents you don’t want, credit card debt, and weight gain. You have no idea what hit

Hangover Cures That Will Hopefully Stop My Pounding Headache

So about last night. You became a little tipsy to celebrate the holidays, the turning of the calendar, and now the waves of a thunderous throbbing head is punishing, as it’s your body that’s paying the price. The damage that

What’s The Point Of Making Resolutions Once The Calendar Turns

Some will just avoid making New Year’s Resolutions. Once you make them, then you feel you’re somewhat obligated to abide by them, but then what happens if you don’t. Your life crashes down around you, once the festivities wears off

The Annual Year End Rant On What’s Not Right With This World

At one time, being politically correct meant speaking with consideration to others. Now, it’s reduced to acting and speaking in a manner which is dictated by the politically left wing elite, who’s designated themselves as the arbitrators of what’s proper

The Biggest Expense For Any Company Remains Employee Turnover

It doesn’t make sense for any company to continuously fire their employees as a cost cutting measure. This in a tight economy where saving on expenses is valuable for profit, while the market for talented skilled workers is becoming scarce

Dealing With The Emotional Turmoil That Is Getting Rejected

There’s nothing that’s as painful as the feeling of being rejected, this regardless of what form it happens to take. Not being liked, not being good enough to hang with the cool kids, not getting that job interview or promotion,

Using Everyday Ingredients To Disinfect Your Drinking Water

What we know is that water in the most vital element for survival, although it’s estimated that 15% percent of the worlds population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water. This becomes a vital human condition as water on a

How To Fine Tune Your Social Skills To Become More Accepted

What having strong emotional intelligence displays are certain attributes for those who are socially skilled. What most feel however is that they have no idea how to act in certain social situations. They feel aloof, and their erratic awkwardness shows

The Need To Master Self Abundance Before Becoming Wealthy

If you’re currently struggling with money issues, that the world has dealt you a bad hand, then it’s time to do a reality check. Realize you’re immensely abundant, rich and wealthy regardless of what your bank balance says. Abundance is

Slow Down! How The Slave Driver That Is Time Rules Our Lives

Wait slow down, it’s time to go, I’m going to be late. This is time, which we’re a slave to as it rules our lives. Despite planning, multitasking, scheduling, you’re still late for work. For everyone who needs to be

How To Survive The Holiday Season When You Remain Single

Did you know that the latest stats show that there are now 50.2% percent who are single, this appears the new trend. So although this is becoming the majority, it’s the holiday season which intensifies the feelings of being alone,

Why We Become So Sensitive And Offended By Negative Criticism

You just adore everyone giving you positive praise, but it’s that one negative criticism that shoots you down. We’ve all been told that we’re a loser, or pathetic. This hurts, especially if it’s from someone that you respect, or if

Proven Clinical Ways On How You Can Improve Your Intelligence

Most think that they’re pretty smart who at times just does stupid things. There’s a gap between common sense and IQ that some just can’t fill. What average means is that you’re no smarter or no dumber that the general

When Facing Change Why Not Turn It Into A Better Opportunity

What’s agreed is that change is inevitable. That we’re faced with change practically every moment. Time ticks forward by the second. So it’s up to us to maximize this time and change it to our benefit. Our life is in