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How To Act Your Age By Knowing Exactly How Old Your Brain Is

So the latest theory is that the brain doesn’t need to lose nerve cells as it ages, this not as much as once thought. What was originally speculated was up to 1% percent of neurons was lost every year once

The Top 10 Ways On How Your Current Life Will Be Shortened

Our body is reactive to a lot of things such as behavior, situations, temperature, gravitational, and scientific forces. Cold, heat, pressure, and other forces is why the body reacts, which can react differently to different people in various situations. There

What You Post On Social Media Shows Your Degree Of Narcissism

Sandy has a new boyfriend. She’s overjoyed with excitement that she trapped someone who could tolerate her overbearing ways. She wants to share the news on social media, so her worthiness as a functioning human being would be verified. She

Reasons Why Your Body Craves Sugar And Your Sweet Tooth Wins

One of the most difficult things to resist is sugar. The reason for this is that we’re all born with a “sweet tooth.” What we humans have is a natural preference for anything that’s sweet, this because we think our

Know The Food Groups Which Triggers Stress And Sleeplessness

What everyone does is suffers from panic attacks on occasion, or has trouble falling asleep. So the cure becomes trying out stress reduction techniques, or relying on medication. What most won’t do is pinpoint it to what they eat, as

The Difference Between Forcing Goals And Empowering Dreams

What most understand is the concept of setting goals in their life, this to accomplish something. What most don’t realize however is that what goals needs are a constant stream of force behind them, to keep them active. So what

Taking Advantage Of The Tiny Fragments Of Free Time You Have

If you’re wanting to know the true value of one second, ask any athlete who dedicates their life to training to get faster to win, comes in second place, narrowly missing the winners podium by a fraction of a second.

Why Making Wishes Without Having Intention Can Become Toxic

Once you want to do something, what’s first activated are dreams, wishing for things to happen, such as having instant buyers on your website, or having customers waiting at your storefront, this without doing any marketing. What wishes are is

To Get Whatever You Want In Life You Need To Motivate Yourself

To stay motivated becomes the key which kicks us out of bed Monday morning, and guides us to stay on track. This pushes us closer, this so we can start to see the light at the end of the coffee.

Essential Nutrients Which Are Needed To Build Stronger Bones

It’s exercise that’s crucial when it comes to better bone health. Realize that your bones are in constant rebuilt mode, this because of a dynamic process which involves the removal of old bone, known as osteoclast, and the regeneration of

How To Have Fun And Enjoy The Happy Times That Is Summer

Summer is what everyone looks forward to. The dread cold of the winter, the miserable rain of the spring, gone, as the sun shines and the vacations begin. How much better can that get. Everyone is out and about, as

What Successful Couples Claim Are The Keys To Everlasting Love

Is everlasting love just a myth, where two people can remain googly eyed forever until the end of time. If so, then why are there so many couples who seek therapy to rekindle their love life. To hopefully overcome a

Choosing To Take Better Creative Methods To Natural Healing

As one grows older, the scale begins to tip towards the need to heal, this because of the ravages of old age takes its toll. The feeling of past wrongs begins to control our lives. It could be the small

Certain Healthy Habits And Trends Which May Not Be Healthy

The ease of content contribution on the Internet does is offers a plethora of information, this on practically everything under the sun. The most common is giving out health advice. Anyone with a keyboard can spew out information on the

Is Becoming Attracted To Someone A Natural Chemical Reaction

What’s known is that opposites will attract. It’s an electromagnetic occurrence which occurs naturally. It’s thought there that are a set of unwritten rules, this when it comes to the attraction process. Because we live in a world full of

Reasons The Dating Process Should Be Treated Like A Probation

What the probation period does is allows you to discover without committing. It’s a proven way to test drive an employee for compatibility. If they have the right attitude and aptitude for the job. This is how dating should be

Ways On How To Positively Deal With Your Negative Emotions

Realize that what we have is a “negative” default switch in our brains, which prepares us for the worst, this when it comes to unknown situations. This can include stress, guilt, anger, resentment, the list of negatives are endless. Another

How The Brain Decides The Exact Food To Eat On A Daily Basis

Lunch or dinner rolls around and we get hungry. What happens is the brain and the body debates on what to eat that day or moment. There’s constant signaling with each other, communicating information regarding how hungry or full you