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The Tricks That Used Car Salesman Use And How To Avoid Them

One of the greatest highlights of anyone’s life is buying a house, getting married and having children, and buying a brand new spanking automobile. It’s an exhilarating feeling. Realize however, that driving that brand new car off the lot, does

Know The Common Deceptive Little White Lies Most Women Tell

There are some relationships which are more transparent than others. Some couples choose to reveal the bare honest truth at all times. There are others, perhaps the majority, where it becomes common to deceive their partners somehow, and it’s mutual.

Discovering The Drama And The Dilemma Of Watching Movies

What we all love is to watch movies, we’re in awe, in a trance as our favorite cinematic hero unfolds their life in the latest tragedy of fate. We become captivated as we emulate them, we relive their lives in

Your Attitude Regarding Money Is What You Daydream About It

She had an annoying habit of asking whenever she liked a certain item that someone else owned, how much it cost. This could be a complete stranger or someone she knew. It could be a piece of clothing or an

How Instant Technology Has Revolutionized Our Current Lives

For those who lived pre-1990 or earlier, remember a time of 8-track tapes, rotary telephones, tap water, front bench seats in a car. The only form of entertainment was watching TV, listening to the radio, or reading books and magazines.

Getting Your Company Plugged Into Online Digital Exposure

This technology thing isn’t going away anytime soon, yet there’s still a significant cross section of businesses in all industries who’s not participating. Or there are those who’ll attempt to market their business online, thinking that just having a Facebook

The Scientific Explanation On How Alcohol Drunks Your Body

What drinking alcohol does is it helps you relax in social situations, your mind begins to blend, it makes any human who can tolerate the taste or manage the aftereffects the following morning, feel pretty good about themselves, become bold,

Advertising Beliefs Of Mythical Proportions Which May Be True

We all at times get bad marketing advice and are taken for a loop, wasting our time and money. Everyone’s buying it so it must work, we buy into the hype, jump on the bandwagon, and then the results aren’t

When It Comes To The Direction Of Your Life Know Who’s Driving

Your life will not change unless you assume complete responsibility of it. Responsibility, your ability to respond, isn’t a way of accepting blame as most people think, but it’s rather a way of assuming your ability to respond to any

Best Methods Of Developing A Successful Advertising Campaign

If you look at any successful advertising agency or a large national company with a massive ad budget, what you’ll likely hear is discussion regarding fragmented advertising, or consumer centric campaigns. These boardrooms will also extensively discuss as well as

What The Top Trends In Mobile Marketing Are Going Forward

We’ve only just begun, baby steps, but everyone and anyone who has a significant stake on anything that’s online, are all claiming that mobile is beginning to make its mark by going mainstream. So the immediate near and future trend

Why Is True Happiness Associated With Material Possessions

Mass media and it’s advertising teeth leads us to believe that shopping to our hearts content, buying to excess usually on things that we don’t need or afford, thus becoming materialistic, makes us happier. And we all want to be

Why The End Consumer Always Takes The Hit When The Economy Fails

It’s the Consumer who always gets hit with the final bill, we’re the one’s who ultimately end up paying a lot more for just about everything that we purchase these days. When looking at the triple whammy which is, rising

The Mad Men Among Us The World According To Don Draper

The dramady extraordinaire that is Mad Men, is about the industrial business mechanics of a Madison Avenue advertising agency, Sterling Cooper Draper and Pryce, which portrays a slice of life during contemporary and cosmopolitan 1960’s New York. The opening, which

How Your Attitude Towards Time Affects Your Spending Habits

The majority of the so called geniuses of the world basically agree on one issue, and that is, when pursuing goals in life, and then ultimately achieving success, what it comes down to are two primary elements, Time = Energy.

How Retailers And Marketers Are Producing Online Product Videos

You may have the ecommerce portion of your website down pat. You may even know and practice the latest of the best design trends as well as keeping up with all the recent SEO tactics. What have you done however

The Best Google Android Travel Apps – Relax On Your Next Vacation

One of the most awesome combinations has to be finding useful Travel Apps and then plugging them into your Android Smartphone, which can help you in planning as well as organizing your next vacation. This is pretty much an obvious

Why You Need GPS Tracking Systems Technology And How They Can Save Your Life

When we eventually venture out and experience the great outdoors and have some real life adventures, we will at times require some assistance to know exactly where we are or where we’re going. This happens when you’ve embarrassingly forgotten where