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Discover The Reasons Why Multitasking Isn’t That Effective

Most of us are now wired to the gills, we have technology pieces and devices hanging out of our yin-yang, believing we need to keep in touch, stay connected, this so we could multitask to become more efficient, get more

How To Make Yourself Brilliant In A World Of Boring Bloggers

No one wants to be honest with themselves because it hurts, it stings, they know that they need to change, to get better, but change hurts. Honesty is indeed a lonely word. It can be brutal, ungrateful, ugly, and almost

Know The True Nature Of Your Life Before Reinventing Yourself

So you want a new you, you want to reinvent yourself into someone different. The key is knowing who you are first and then knowing what you’re capable of. You need to know your strengths, your weaknesses, what you’re passionate

Proven Fundamental Steps To Learning Anything New Faster

The process of learning anything new can prove difficult, but can become easier by following a series of steps. It’s thought possible that anyone could learn complex subjects and get good at it. We need to adapt and learn at

How To Get More Facebook FanPage Views Without Advertising

It’s estimated that once you make a post on your Fanpage, that there’s just 10% to 15% percent of those fans who liked your page, will actually see it on their newsfeeds. So if you have 200 or 10,000 fans,

Relaxing Is The Key When You’re Wanting To Get More Work Done

Almost everyone tells you that we need to work harder to get ahead. That we need to plow our heads down and grind, use sweat equity. We hear of instances in some cultures where they work themselves to exhaustion, to

The Self Defeating Consequences When You React To Scarcity

It’s not our choice as children to be emotional deprived, which is the feeling that we’re not loved or are important enough, which can persist into our adult lives, as having a mindset of scarcity. This is the feeling that

Why You Should Be Starting An Internet Marketing Business Today

What the Internet has managed to do in just a few decades is completely reshape the way that business is conducted. True that traditional businesses are still prominent, but starting one has exorbitant costs and extended risk. Enormous expenses are

First Impressions Are Often Cured By A Second Look Syndrome

We know that body language is the first indicator on making a good first impression, so those who are aware of this will use impression management techniques appropriately. What they know are the cues, the signals to give off during

The Proven Logical Steps Of Making Any Business A Success

We are now well into the information age when it comes to technology, but the fact remains that we still have the same human behaviors as we did decades ago. Genetically, we still act pretty much human, and haven’t really

How Pure Fresh Crisp Water Has Become Our Greatest Commodity

There’s only a few essentials that we need in life to survive another day, in some cases the next minute, which are food, oxygen, and water. These are our basic necessities, and all lifeforms on this planet springs from there.

The Scientific Reveal A Study On Our Behavior When We Shop

The clinical term is consumer behavior, the reasons why you burn wads of your hard earned cash on the frivolous. The business, the interpretation of shopping behavior. Most likely, the last thing you want is someone telling you about one

Why Are All Those Successful People In Life So Darn Lucky

We know that some are luckier than others, they appear to get all the breaks. But does luck really exist. Do you consider yourself to be lucky. Luck as an element has been studied extensively, and some claim that they’ve

How The Top Social Media Authorities Author Their Content

It comes down to how you stand up and stand out in a sea of redundant competition. It’s about earning respect, getting noticed in the busy rapidly flowing currents that is social media. The necessity of relevant communication. For those

How To Create Attention Sucking Content For Your Blog

One of the most engaging blog posts is by creating a best of list. Depending on the topic, everyone enjoys reading them since they’re concise and they know exactly what they’re getting into. A “list” of the most beautiful or

How The New Connected Generation Is Redefining The Workplace

Say hello to the next new generation of workers, these are the individuals who grew up knowing nothing but digital technology. This is the generation which is rapidly transforming how we conduct business, marketing, and the workplaces of the future.

Beat The Beast That Is Procrastination And Reach Your Goals

Most think that they’re capable of reaching their peak, the limits of their potential. They put in the dedication and invest in the belief to reach their goals, becoming unbreakable. Their positive attitude becomes activated and energized to take on

A Fortune In Business Can Be Made Once You Choose To Be Brave

Become brave, be bolder, be an outstanding individual who’ll stand out from the crowd. Decide to raise your head and be seen, counted. Stand up and make a difference, choose to become more confident, focused, calculated, and courageous, this in