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How To Flush Out The Truth During The Negotiation Process

What most will associate negotiating with is a transaction, usually involving money for goods exchanged. Everything that you do on a daily basis is a negotiation. Agreeing to pick up the kids from school, or what time you agree to

Preventative Measures To Keep Our Aging Brains Active

Any muscle that’s not used becomes stagnant. The brain, being one of the most largest and the most essential, will decay if not put into active activity as we age. The key becomes to maximize our brain activity as much

Exposed The Secret Writing Methods Of Inspired Story Telling

This an extracted profile, a narration of a famous story teller who’s career has spanned three decades of novels, film, and television work. The focus on the literary yogic “chakras” which are activated for characterization, enveloping the precise use of

How Reading More Frequently Can Increase Your Brain Power

We are the only ones who know the exact state of our brains, and how it’s functioning at the moment. We can only experience our own headaches, brain cramps, or brilliance. We’re the only one’s who processes learning something new,

Using Content Curation To Get Your Blog Ranked In Search

The biggest curator on the Web, Google, is making a stand by continuously placing a squeeze on what they feel are inferior sites, this in their never ending attempt to further raise the surfers search experience. Their quest is to

Visualization Techniques To Make Yourself More Successful

If you’ve ever thought that you have the “goods” to be a roaring success at whatever you want to do in your life, but your brain isn’t quite cooperating just yet, well, there are ways to close the gap. Professional

Real Life Diet Tips From Going Obese To Slim Permanently

If you’re truly dedicated this time, you really want to lose weight, and then keep it off, Registered Dietitians suggest that you stop reading all of those new fad diet books on the market, stop watching the media on the

Writing Provocative Absorbing Content People Will Read

So they tell you that content is king, but providing provocative content which glues eyeballs to computer screen is the crown jewel. Once your visitor arrives at your site, you have approximately 3 seconds to captivate their interest, to keep

Why Medium Wants To Improve The Quality Of Online Content

You’ve finally come to realize that no one reads your articles, or views your Web Content, this because your information is completely irrelevant to everyone but yourself. So if you write this information, or have others to write for you,

Why Luck Is One Of The Greatest Unknown Mysteries Of Life

So they tell you, put your head down, work hard, do all the right things, and life will turn out for you. You’ll get all that you’ve ever hoped for and dreamed of. Fortune will shine on you, with good

Using Natural Energy Therapy For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

So there you are, multitasking once again, juggling your life to make any workaholic proud. Your schedule is completely packed, your hectic rapid fire lifestyle involves putting in longer hours at work, being a conscientious soccer mom, and still managing

The Best Natural Foods To Eat To Make You Fall Asleep Quicker

At times, wanting to fall asleep doesn’t come around that easy, even if you’re completely exhausted, this because your body and your brain are still active and alert. So if you’re someone who is uncomfortable about taking those prescription sleep

Trust Is Still An Important Factor When It Comes To Finance

There’s always a cynical as well as a ruthless nature when it comes to doing Business, this since the almighty dollar still ultimately rules in the trenches, when all the cards are on the table. So there’s a majority who

All You Need To Know About Gluten A Definition

Not too long ago, Gluten was a foreign word in diet circles which most of us never heard of. But it’s been slowly introduced into the health vocabulary in countless cookbooks, and various media, whether we should be eliminating gluten

Realigning The Energy In Your Home To Improve Your Health

Regardless if it comes down to the very laws of the science, or the laws of physics, or if you prefer applying the magical hands of reiki, everything thing in life is a constant movement of Energy. This energy, on

Ways On How To Effectively Improve Your Metabolism Rate

There’s always that one friend you have who can freely eat absolutely anything they want, from grease dripping cheeseburgers to baby back ribs, and not have a care in the world, as they don’t appear to gain a single pound.

Creating Videos For Your Business That Glues Eyeballs To Screens

If your business, large or small isn’t yet creating Videos for online consumption, then you’re completely missing out on the fastest growing segment of online promotion and advertising. There are close to 80% percent of companies and marketers, regardless of

Is Dieting Or Exercising Better For Losing Weight

We all grow older, we all tend to advance, our biological clocks tick towards midnight. Our Metabolism as a result begins to slow down, and the excess body fat that we carry begins to accumulate, and as a result, our