Breaking News… Why The Superbowl Is A Farce A Failure To The Fans And A Marketing Disaster

So the Superbowl and the events leading up to the big game is the biggest splurge of party time tucked in neatly between New Years Eve and Valentines Day. For most North Americans, it is the largest sports related bash of the year. All the boys and girls join into the celebration of everything football and corporate America follows suit to cash in on marketing awareness. So speaking of marketing, for the humongous corporations who partake, this period is the biggest and most lucrative brand awareness campaigns of the year.

So at times, the game itself is secondary, but not this year. Superbowl 40 whatever it was, the New England Patriots were on the verge of sports history and stuff of legend in its attempt to go 19 – 0 for the year. If they would of won, a million people would swear they wre there to witness it. It was a shame that they didn’t. The New York Giants, you know, the other team, upset the Patriots 17 – 14 in what has to be one of the biggest ‘Upsets’ in football and possibly sports history.

Now, you do not have to be a football fanatic or even a sports fan to know that there was a party going on called the Superbowl. It was big time game on. The hype and the hoopla surrounding the event is magnified to the point it infiltrates every segment of TV and media.

So Why Then Is The Superbowl A Failure
You do not have to follow Football know the Patriots were knocking on history’s door. They should of won. They were the best team in the league this year, this decade and potentially all time. But it came down to one lousy game and one, maybe 2 plays. Because of that, greatness was snatched from them. Brady had a bad game. He was off. His passes were not Bradyesque and the other team.. oh yeah, the Giants, played their best defensive game of the year. The lousy part is… it just comes down to one game. But you say… Thats football.

So this is one thing I could never understand about football. Why does it have to come down to one game? All other major sports: basketball, baseball, hockey all extend their playoff games to flush out the best team. Every series has a best of 5 or a best of 7 to make sure the better team wins. This eliminates any fluke or the team that should win, just having a bad day. In a 7 game series, the better team may lose say.. their first 2 or 3 games, but in the end, because they are the superior team, they will win and by rights, they should.

Now in football, it has always come down to one game… Why? Why don’t they capitalize on the hype and the popularity associated with the Superbowl, where they have captivated the attention of the whole world, and play a best 2 out of 3?

The first game, taking this year as an example.. is played in New York. The Giants win. The second game, the Patriots make adjustments to their offence and they win. So if they are tied a game a piece, as in this case, the Superbowl game is played at a neutral site.. as it was this year, in Phoenix. So instead of having the ridiculously hyped bye week, they play three consecutive weeks, thus extending the season just one week.

This would almost ensure that the best team will win. If the Giants were destined to upset, they would have to win Games 1 and 2, which is highly unlikely. A best 2 out of 3 will almost guarantee that the best team will win.. which this year should of been the Patriots.

Meanwhile, corporate America can and will be willing to cash in on the extended exposure. The real sports fan will get the games played out in a ‘May The Best Team Win’ scenario, and Tom Brady and the Patriots, being the best team all year, should win the Superbowl they deserve. - Protects You From Identity Theft The Fastest Growing Crime In America - Guarantee Your Good Name
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