Best Natural Nutritional Energy Sources For After Workouts

why apples are the best foods for recoveryIt’s usually thought that proper sports nutrition is just reserved for those top of the line elite athletes. But know that everyone who exercises to various degrees opens themselves up to specific nutritional needs to refuel themselves.

This replenishing differs based on the intensity and the length of the exercise that’s performed. The majority of recreational and weekend athletes are always looking for that extra edge to improve their performance, while helping them recover quicker, which maximizes the benefits of exercising.

This is where proper natural nutrition for after workouts come in. If you’re looking to improve your recovery, then the best place to begin is feeding on whole foods and whole food beverages along with supplements.

Research has shown that the nutrients which are available in specific foods can help your workouts as well as improving your recovery time.

Nutrition For Athletes
Those who are new to exercising on a regular basis or those who consider themselves extreme athletes, and everyone else in between, needs to be aware of what proper sports nutrition can provide.

For instance, natural beet juice is known to improve one’s endurance as it contains natural protein, branched chain amino acids, and carbohydrates which are all able to help with quicker recovery.

The benefits of sports nutrition should also be extended towards those who are more sedentary as well, those who are not meeting the basic physical activity guidelines on a daily basis, as it will give them instant energy.

One of the key differences between those who exercise regularly and those who are stagnant is that exercising feels completely different to them. Those who are physically active will feel exhilarated after a workout, experiencing more energy, while those who are just beginning an exercise program will feel stiff, sore, and sluggish.

It then becomes a vicious cycle, as those occasional exercisers who feels exhausted may be less motivated to exercise again. There are certain nutrients and select foods however, which can help them recover quicker.

The Best Select Natural Foods For After Workouts
Nutrients In Apple Peels – We know that apples are excellent but not many know that the peel of the apple is an especially rich source of antioxidants which fights free radical damage.

Research suggests that organic apple peels contain high levels of phenolic compounds which provides superior health benefits aiding antioxidant activity. What this increase in antioxidant activity does is it reduces muscle strain and injury.

Try Beet Juice – Fresh beets are getting a lot of attention especially when it comes to sports nutrition because studies prove that purely juiced beets will help in opening up the blood vessels, allowing for increased oxygen uptake.

Beet juice is also an excellent source of complex carbohydrates which provides extended energy during exercising. It’s also shown to reduce systolic blood pressure as well.

Refreshing Coconut Water – Known as nature’s sports drink and for very good reason. Coconut water happens to be an excellent source of natural sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium

Coconut water which is sodium enriched has proven to be just as effective as a specialized commercial sports drink for purposes of re-hydrating the body after exercising when the body becomes dehydrated, but offers better fluid tolerance.

The More Tart The Cherry Juice – The better. Cherry juice that’s especially tart is high in anthocyanins, which helps in lowering inflammation. It’s also thought to relieve joint as well as muscle inflammation, allowing those who exercise to recover quicker.

A recent study found that when drinking tart cherry juice a week prior to and during a running event such as a marathon, that it may reduce muscle pain and inflammation after the event.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice – Fresh orange juice is known to be an extremely natural and nutritious way of giving the body a quick release of carbohydrates such as glucose, which is immediately needed to restore the body’s energy storage system. This is essential when it comes to the quick recovery from any type of exercise.

Extracted Lemon Verbena – There are studies which support that lemon verbena extract contains anti-inflammatory along with immune modulating properties upon consumption for quick efficient recovery after workouts.

It also provides antioxidant support which may help in decreasing muscle soreness while improving recovery time. It’s specifically been shown to reduce forms of muscular damage that’s caused by regular activities such as running.

Isolate Protein In Potatoes – Whey protein is a well known and popular choice among athletes for building up muscle as well as strength. But if you’re not able to digest whey because of a vegan based lifestyle, it’s recommended that you try potato protein isolate.

What it contains are branched chain amino acids which supports muscle synthesis, while countering fatigue and assisting in faster muscle recovery.

Sports Nutrition Ingredients
Dark green leafy naturally organic plant based foods are singled out specifically for sports nutrition, this because they’re thought to have superior antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties for recovery.

It’s thought that they may also help in improving ones performance, while lowering oxidative stress levels in the body. Creatine is also traditionally used when it comes to increasing muscle strength, as well as improving the outcome of antidepressant medications.

It’s always advised however to check with your health care practitioner before taking any new supplements, just to make sure it’s right for you and they won’t interfere with any other medication which you may be currently taking.

For those who may be struggling with getting motivated to exercise, it might be of interest to you that eating these natural whole foods and vegetables will help in boosting your mood and energy.

Always Be Hydrating
Make sure that you always hydrate before, during, and after exercising with adequate amounts of water or coconut water, which will positively improve the outcome of your workouts. Research has shown that these sources of liquid are the best in improving post exercise recovery.

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