Becoming Mentally Tough Reach Your Goals By Showing Resilience

getting tough mentallyHave you set life altering goals for yourself and feel that you’ve got what it takes to achieve them. It may be as basic as you wanting to just get healthier, gain more confidence, or are looking for a long term relationship. Whatever it may be, achieving any goal isn’t always easy.

There’s research which suggests that just 10% percent of those who sets these types of goals are actually successful in accomplishing them. The goals obviously based on their degree of complexity and life altering nature.

It’s found that one vital element in conquering any goal is developing mental fortitude. Determination and mental toughness by definition describes that frame of mind where individuals will do anything they can, to achieve what they set out to do.

It’s the make no excuses, winner takes all attitude mindset which is purely results driven. There are studies which support that those who have strong mental toughness are usually more successful than those who lack this willpower.

There are ways, however, on how anyone can sharpen their mental toughness, which allows them to get things done.

Ways On Getting Mentally Tougher

Wanting To Win At All Costs
Winners have this attitude of do whatever it takes, just get it done. They’ve made the decision to do or pay whatever the price is, and bear the burden which leads to the victory.

So ask yourself if you’re willing to do absolutely anything and everything to accomplish your goals. Without having this level of commitment, it’s found that most won’t be successful.

Never Expect It To Be Easy
Most assume that accomplishing their goals will be just a walk in the park. Then once they run into an obstacle, they’ll seek escape usually by backing off or quitting.

So realize that some days or weeks will be tougher than others. Since you can’t change that, what you can do is just take control of how you decide to handle these situations. Have a plan, stick to it, and get ready for some adversity.

Focusing On Why Instead Of How
Ask yourself why you want this goal to become reality. How emotional you answer this question determines whether this particular goal becomes alive and is accomplished, or it dies.

Getting As Detailed As Possible
One reason why most abandon their goals is because they’re not clearly defined. You need to be able to describe in explicit detail what you want to do, define it, and then get totally committed to it.

Just don’t state “I want to go on a diet.” But get really specific instead by saying “My goal is losing 17 pounds in the next 2 months. I’m going to the gym every morning at 7AM, and then eat healthy nutritious meals.”

Lose All Of The Negative Thinking
One proven mental toughness tool is developing superior positive self-talk. The words which you say and think plays a major role when it comes to your attitude, and what you’re able to accomplish. It’s thought that up to 80% percent of whatever people talk to themselves about, is negative.

The biggest goals which you set out for yourself isn’t an easy task or a quick fix, and the difficulty involved will usually leads towards negative self-talk. So monitor everything that you say, and then ask yourself if you’re programmed for success or failure.

Visualization Keeps You Motivated
One proven way of accomplishing any goal is by visualizing. If you’re wanting to lose weight, then begin visioning “thinner” people by taping them on a poster board. Then hang this vision board on a wall, which reinforces the goals into your subconscious.

Always Be Accountable
One of the biggest issues is that most won’t have the means of accountability or a support system that’s in place. Accomplish your goals with a partner if you need to, which makes you push one another. What’s better is finding someone who’s already accomplished what you’re setting out to do, and then have them coach you.

Always Put It In Writing
Write a note describing your life goals and then tell it to a friend as if you haven’t or never seen them before. Detail how you want things to be in five years. Some will prefer in one year, while others prefer three years. It’s whatever motivates you the most. Then read the note daily and it will help you keep on track.

Don’t Care What Others Think
Just stop caring what others think of your goals. Experts call this “approval addiction” and once you overcome this, you’ll then free yourself of the psychological chains which binds you from achieving success. So just live your life for yourself, and not for someone else.

Discipline Over Pleasure
Discipline is the key for every great performance. Discipline will make the difference between being good or being great. It gives you the ability and the fortitude to stay the course, and reach the promises that you’ve made to yourself.

This is a completely logic based decision which all successful achievers stick to, this regardless whether they feel like it or not.

Discipline will push you past all of the pain and punishment, so as a result, some will view discipline as a painful chore which they should avoid at all costs. High achievers see it as ultimate empowerment for their performance.

Living In The Present Focusing On The Future
The majority of people will live their lives in the past, while those who succeed will continuously look towards the future. Winners will habitually focus on the present while creating their vision for tomorrow.

What this allows for is they having bigger grandeur dreams and visions with unlimited possibilities, as it keeps them motivated and moving forward by always seeing the end goal.

What turning your goals into reality means is you need a plan and then having the discipline, persistence, and the willpower to carry it out. Once you become mentally tough, then anything becomes possible.

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