Be Big Or Go Home – Life is About Making Choices And Living With The Decisions We Make

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Life is a road. It can be a superhighway or a dirt trail. The path that we take, whether it be long or short, smooth or rocky, twisted or straight, is up to you. In our lives, we are constantly faced with a lot of ‘forks in the road’, as we journey through life. These decisions lead to a path of single blessedness, perhaps marriage or the avoidance of it, a religious life or an empty one. There are singular choices that may lead you to fame and fortune, or just as easily, isolation and poverty. There are roads to utter happiness or sadness, victory and jubilation, or that unwanted path leading to defeat and disappointment.

This road of our lives, just like any road, also has corners, detours, and crossroads. There are certain times when in our lives we have to make a major decision. At this crossroad, we are to decide which direction to go with at times, very limited knowledge, and it may mold your life forever. This with no guarantee you have made the right choice.

Life Offers No Absolute Guarantees
You or anyone else do not really know where any decision will lead you until you take it. Some unfortunately never take that step, they cheer from home, at the sidelines. There are no money back guarantees. If there is one thing certain about this thing called life, it’s that no one can tell you choosing to do a certain thing can lead you to ultimate bliss. Loving someone does not guarantee that you will be loved back. If you happen to gain fame or fortune, that does not guarantee you happiness. If this life were a poker game, there are just too many possible outcomes which you cannot control. Luck being one of them. The only control that you have is the decisions that you make, using your best judgment, and at times just hoping for the best.

Making Wrong Decisions Are Always Hindsight
We all make them. Mistakes, crucial or not. Had we known prior that we were making the wrong decision, we would most likely not have gone through with it. Why would you make a certain decision if you knew from the beginning that it is not the right one? It’s only after that decision and its consequences that you realize it was a mistake. If the outcome had been good, then you have obviously decided correctly. But hindsight like your rear view mirror is 20/20.

Take That Risk: And Decide
Since we know life offers no absolute guarantees, and you never know if your decision is wrong until you make it, then you might as well follow through and take the risk. It’s definitely better than not doing anything, staying in limbo. Although it’s true that making one wrong decision could be fatal, it could also be an opportunity to open up more roads. So its’ really a matter of perspective. It’s up to you to choose to be a lost traveler or an accidental tourist in life. Just don’t make decisions haphazardly, take calculated risks with outcomes which are pretty well known.

What Risks To Take When You Are At The Crossroads:
· Get as much information as you can about your decision and situation.

You cannot garner the confidence to follow through if your know little about what you’re up against. Just like a news reporter, ask the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where, and why. What’s the situation? Who’s involved? When will this happen? Where will this lead? Why did you end up in this situation? Just some possible questions to ask yourself to resolve the situation. At times, the wrong decision is based on not enough information, thus making it too impulsive.

· Identify And Then Create Options
What options do you have? At times you may not have any, or just have a few, or there are times you may have numerous. But what if you have no options? Then you try and create some with predetermined outcomes. This will require your creative mind to work. From simplicity to the complicated, entertain all the ideas. Keep all your options open, regardless of how bizarre they may be. At times, the most outrageous idea can prove to be the right one. You can also ask a friend or mentor to help you identify the options, but make sure that you make the final decision yourself in the end.

· Make Sure You Weigh The Pros / Cons Of Every Option
Assess each option you have by looking at the advantages and the disadvantages they offer. This way, you’ll get more insight about the consequences of any option.

·Trust Your Instinct Making That Decision
Once you have assessed your options, then it’s time to trust your gut instinct. Keep in mind there are no guarantees and that wrong decisions are hindsight. So take the risk and choose… make a decision… believe in yourself that you’re choosing the best possible option at this point in your life.

Once you have decided, get ready to face its consequences: whether good or bad. You don’t know if it will take you to the promise land or not. But the important thing is, you have chosen that you want to live your life instead of someone else telling you what to do or you remaining a bystander in life. Whether it’s the right decision or not, only time will tell. Never regret whatever happens, but learn from it and keep in mind that you always have the chance to redeem yourself when that next fork appears.

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