Are You Addicted To Stress Strategies For A Happier Healthier Life

howtogetridofstressandbehappyWe all know that, well, at least we’ve heard that a little bit of Stress is actually good for you, as it will perk up your creativity, keep your immune system going and it fuels up your vitality.

The qualifying word however when it comes to stress is “little.” Next time that you happen to find yourself running around from emergency activity to activity, without any actual personal time for yourself, you have to realize that it’s not the external world that’s landing on your doorstep. It’s really rather your choice for wanting to be as busy as possible.

Most likely you’re a bit addicted to stress, you’re always wanting to get that adrenalin rush. If your life was just a little more calmer and filled with a lot more free time, you probably wouldn’t know what to do with yourself.

Besides, that endless “to-do” list makes you feel so wanted and important… right?

The problem that’s common with any addiction and that much needed “high” is transitory, resulting in always needing a bigger jolt that you’re wanting to experience.

Addiction, not saying that you’re addicted, gives you a false sense of control. Deep down there’s a feeling however that the addict has lost some personal power.

That addiction which is “stress,” is looking to feel that numbness through being distracted, as well as avoiding dealing with the the obvious deficits of your personality which can potentially lead to unhappiness.

So it’s a lot easier to be just as incredibly busy as possible, rather than having to face the layers of disappointment which accumulates during the course of one’s lifetime.

Stress addiction can be a little similar and equivalent to identity theft. Meaning that you don’t know or realize who you are or where you’re really going. Your true self has been taken away from you, and you don’t even realize it.

There’s a basic fear which lies at the very root of your personality, and that is you don’t feel that you’re good enough. So you taking care of everything and everyone else while keeping your mind fully occupied with your massive “to-do” list, you can then effectively avoid turning the focus inward on yourself and answering all the personal nagging questions.

Really, who am I? What ever happened to my dreams? Do or should I ever dare to dream again? How can I ever revive my unfettered inner self?

Ways To Be Happy And Healthy

Anyways, Here Are Some Strategies You Can Use To Grow Healthier And Happier
• Try starting your day in absolute control of yourself instead of always waking up with a sweat and that minor panic. Set your alarm clock five to ten minutes earlier than when you’d want to wake up, then lie in bed and ease into your day.

• Always have a nutritious power breakfast containing complex carbhydrates and lean protein. Complex carbs will help you in releasing serotonin which stabilizes your mood, while lean protein will help make your brain focus better. Throughout the day, try eating balanced meals and snacks. The food you eat and your mood correlates directly with each other. We all at times eat junk food mostly to self-soothe ourselves because it temporarily works. Then later, we deal with the guilt, the irritability and the weight gain.

• Recognize that you’re constantly being pulled around in different directions because of over scheduling and multi-tasking. You can start by knocking off at least one item from that “to-do” list. Then decide what you can do with this new found time. Do something for yourself, like going to see a movie in the afternoon.

• Know exactly what you’re unique talent is that you bring to the party, how much that you differ from others. Empowerment helps in fortifying your identity instead of giving yourself away easily to others without any reciprocity.

• Meditate while your walking since sitting in a lotus position may not be for you. Place one foot directly in front of the other and vision that you’re moving forward by absorbing and relaxing in the great outdoors in the light. For even greater synergy, try walking with headphones on.

• Actively awaken all your senses instead of always numbing them. Experiment with different fragrances, new healthier foods, new music. Take out your digital camera and then start shooting exactly where and what your eyes sees or are drawn to. See if there’s any patterns to where your attention happens to be drawn to.

• Live right in the moment. One moment can be good, while the very next moment can be bad. Stress addicts as mentioned like to live in the future, always deciding what’s next on the never ending “to-do” list. They will constantly multi-task and then dilute everything. Instead, give yourself full complete attention to what you happen to be doing, even if it’s doing the laundry or cutting the lawn. Even just washing the dishes can help you in cleaning up all the mental clutter.

• Begin a consistent exercise program. Whatever activity it is will alleviate anxiety. You will be able to shed those unwanted stress hormones and begin thinking clearly. So try something like a combination of strength training and aerobics. Strength training will build up your muscle tone to house your incredible spirit. This mind and muscle connection will instantly give you a lot more control as well as improving stabilization which transfers into your daily life.

• Find a creative hobby which will effectively compensate for any loss, any disappointments or sadness. Fill the emptiness directly with what makes you happy.

• Practice turning all negatives into positives each and every day. We as human beings all have an innate negativity bias which usually perpetuates the stress response. This make things appear a lot more “awful” than they really are. We all have this habit of taking the facts and then making up stories about them. Make your story a positive or witty one. Always cultivate a positive bias for a happier life.

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