Apple Mac Computers Can Cross Over Into The Dark Side And Use Windows Software And Applications

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So who else is or wanting to run Windows on their Apple Mac computers? If you didn’t know, not only is it possible to do so, it’s getting a lot more popular as well as easier. So as soon as Apple in 2005 announced they were planning to use Intel chips in their Mac computers, that’s when differentiating the original exclusive Mac and the generic PC’s became blurry and vague.

Being long time rivals from the very beginning of the creation of home based personal computers, the biggest difference from the start was the significantly different software operating systems and platforms they were using. Microsoft and their operating system along with their software programs they were using were designed specifically for Intel chips, and not the Power-PC chips from Motorola and IBM that Apple had been originally using. When Mac computers began the transformation and thus started shipping out their units with Intel chips, it was just a matter of time before the Windows software made the jump.

So Why Would You Want To Run Windows on a Mac In The First Place?
The devoted Apple users, the so called purists still laugh at the thought of using anything Windows. But what using Windows software does is it makes Macs a lot more appealing to the general public users who need to access Windows based applications. There are also a lot of Mac business users and students, for example, who need to run proprietary software programs that only work with the Windows operating system.

So if you’re interested in running Windows on your delicate Apple computer, then you should know this:
1.) Only the Macs equipped with the Intel-based chips can run Windows, so if you own an ancient Mac that’s been bought pre-2006, then so sorry, you stop here.
2.) You will be required to set aside a portion of your hard drive space to allow for the Windows software to reside and run properly. Fortunately, in this age of cheap massive hard drives, you can always get an upgrade replacement or just purchase an add on hard drive for around $100.
3.) Getting your Mac up to speed and ready to install to be able to run Windows isn’t really as simple as just inserting a disk and then clicking the Install button. It requires configuration, so it’s not really suited for the casual computer user to attempt. Your have to bring out the tech geekiness buried deep inside you. Instructions are however available online from Apple, but if you are not really that comfortable with terms like partitioning your drives, you may want to get some help.

Two Ways To Run Windows On Your Mac:

1.) The first is by just booting directly into the Macs operating system and the second, by using a virtual machine. If you have a fairly new Mac, and thus Apple’s latest and greatest operating system, the Mac OS X Leopard, it is equipped with whats called the ‘Boot Camp’. This is the software that’s required to perform the ‘boot’ operation. Boot Camp allows setting up of multiple operating systems on your Big Mac. So if you want to switch from the Apple’s Leopard OS and back to Vista, or vise versa, you will be required to reboot your computer every time.

2.) Running the Windows operating system on a virtual machine… Means that your using either Windows or Linux, located on your Apple’s Leopard desktop. That allows you to shift from one operating system to another just by simply moving your mouse. The best software applications for running the Windows operating system on a virtual machine are: VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop. They both work great by the way, but the VMware is recommended due to its friendlier interface.

The most recent releases of both VMware Fusion and Parallels makes it easy for these programs to use the partition that was created by Boot Camp. Meaning you can run Apple’s Boot Camp in conjunction with either Fusion or Parallels without giving up any hard-drive space.

This route is advantageous as not all the programs run fully optimized on virtual machines. You having both of these options means when your wanting to play say, a Windows based game that is graphically intensive, you can just boot up the system. This allows you to even multitask. If you want to open and use an Excel spreadsheet, you can simply click on the Fusion or Parallels frame which is running Vista.

Yet Another Option For Using Windows Programs On A Mac
Here’s another option, if you want to keep your Apple clean and don’t want to use Windows, but still need access to certain Windows only programs. There is a program called CrossOver Mac by CodeWeavers. This application allows Mac computers to run Windows software. CrossOver Mac allows you to open and operate Windows files without you not having a virtual machine or rebooting. You can do so, without needing to purchase a license for Windows.

The only setback is CrossOver does not support every Windows application out there. It does however work with a lot of the major software releases. This list includes: MS Office, Visio and Outlook etc., as well as design programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

As you can see, running Windows on your Mac isn’t quite that easy or completely hassle free. If you decide to install a copy of Microsoft Vista on your MacBook Pro, and most likely will get it up and working well, although it make take some minor tweaking.

You may for example may have to manually install say… a couple of additional drivers to get the wireless or graphics cards working. Or there are some specific Apple features, such as the feature allowing you to use the trackpad much like an iPod Touch, this may not work in the Windows mode. Despite those minor imperfections and limitations, Windows Vista should run just fine on your MacBook Pro if you use Boot Camp, the Parallels Desktop, or VMware Fusion.

So yes, you can run Windows Vista, Windows Software and Apps on your precious Apple computer. A Mac obviously isn’t the most affordable option for a computer out there, so if you’re interested in running Windows, it’s nice to have the option.

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