A Virtual Aerial Tour Of The US Open – Torrey Pines South Course, San Diego, California

The U.S. Open, is the most popular and the premier annual golf tournament that is held in the United States, as it draws its greatest icons. It is the second of the four major golfing championships and it is on the official schedule for both the PGA and the European Tour. It’s setting is annually in mid June, scheduled so that the final round is traditionally played on Sunday, which is Father’s Day. This year 2008, it’s also an official “money event” on the Asian Tour.

The US Open Golf Tournament has a long storied history beginning with its first tournament held on a 9 hole course in Rhode Island, NY on October 4, 1895. The tournament at one time had a variety of professional and amateur golfers, with British golfers dominating the courses. This was until 1911, in which the first American, John J. McDermott, won the tournament. Soon after, American golfers began winning the tournament a lot more frequently. At this point it became a large golfing event and became one of the four Majors in men’s golf. Today, the US Open is held on courses that usually limit low scoring to keep it challenging, forcing golfers to play at an extremely high level.

Both pros and amateurs alike can enter and play in the tournament, provided they are either exempt (for the pro’s), or they pass the qualifying round. The exempt golfers usually account for approximately half of the 156 players that enter the annual event.

Winning the US Open can not only make the golfer wealthy, as the top prize is usually over a million dollars, but it will open doors to other major tournaments and thrust the winner and his career into the spotlight. The winner is automatically invited to play in the other four major golfing tournaments: The British Open, The Masters, and the PGA Championship. If anyone finishes in the Top 15 of the US Open, there are significant incentives as well, as these players automatically qualify for the subsequent US Open tournaments.

The Official US Open 2008 Website

Site Of The 2008 US Open – Torrey Pines South Course

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