A Truly Unbiased Review Of ‘Fools Gold’ The Movie

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Movies are about escape, people. Its about actors who are pretending to be other people, other people who are not you. You adore and love them for their personality, how they look, their charm and sex appeal and the lives they lead and live, on screen and in real life. So thats why you go sit in a dark crowded theater, and for a couple hours pretend you are them.

It’s quite obvious that each and every movie formula is pretty well exposed and overused. Every story has a start, middle and finish. Every movie has a theme and subject, a plot, a climax. Inject your favorite actor, give them a bit of life and personality, create a compelling story subject and thats about it, you have a movie. Whether it be a romance, or a murder mystery, about a certain time period, an adventure in a different part of the world that you’ve never been to, you believe and are compelled. The movie can be funny, full of suspense, adulterous, adventurous, dramatic, anything.

So people who review these movies are running out of time and patience but are also extremely short sighted. All they seem to do is criticize, as if they were expecting something different. The actor was bad, she wore bad clothes, the movie reminded me of Casablanca, it was a ripoff of.. etc. What are these so called movie experts expecting from a movie? These movies do not have alternate endings, if you see it twice, guess what?, the ending is the same as the first time. It is not a sporting event where the result or score is different. There are obviously no more formulas or twists they can insert in a movie script once it’s made and in the theater, and yet, these movie reviewers are disappointed that there was nothing new or exciting. This is why reality shows on TV are popular because they add that element of the unknown. Real life people you can relate to who screw up or make a hero out of themselves. That why sporting events are popular, it’s because of the unknown, movies are pretty well known.

Anyways, Fools Gold is an adventure starring Mathew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. The start, middle and ending was 6 out 10.

Official “Fool’s Gold’ Trailer

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