A Review Of Dr. Neal Barnard’s Book – Turn Off The Fat Genes

Turn Off the Fat Genes

Turn of the Fat Genes, is an excellent book written by Dr. Neal Barnard. This publication has over 150 pages of menus, as well as recipes to get you started on the right track. This section is comprehensive and you can find excellent recipes and menu compilations.

Every once in a while, a book with a good title comes along. “Turn Off the Fat Genes” is one of them that needs a review. If you’re not familiar with Dr. Barnard, he’s been authoring books about losing weight, while on a high carbohydrate diet, for over a decade now.

It’s actually amazing that his work is not better known, as there’s numerous advantages using a high carbohydrate diet, as compared to being on a low carb, high protein diet.

There’s some solid, excellent research that goes into his books that documents how you can lose real weight while on a high carbohydrate diet. These types of diets are also healthier for you in the long run, when compared to those low carb, calorie starving diets. The main reason why those on diets stay away from the high carb diets is because of a lack of information and awareness.

Turn off the Fat Genes, as mentioned, features 150+ pages of excellent menus and recipes. The main basis of Dr. Bernard’s diet is that he feels some of the genes in us humans can be influenced. These genes can be altered to affect appetite, taste and metabolism.

Not only are the genes subject to influence, intake of these ‘high carbohydrate’foods can actually mean you don’t have to sacrifice or starve yourself of needed nutrition. He argues that you can eat more frequently, and still enjoy weight loss. As incredible as that sounds, it’s a fact. Most do not believe this, as they are conditioned to believe that low carb diets only work.

Dr. Barnard’s books also have documented proof and testimonials that high carb diets can actually help you to lose weight. Using the suggestions in the book, you can really eat a lot more food, and more frequently, and still stay thin.

Some “Turn Off the Fat Genes” Chapter titles:
– Taste Genes: Broccoli & Chocolate
– Appetite & the Leptin Gene
– The Fat-Building Gene
– Fat-Burning: Turning Flame Higher
– How Genes Can Influence Your Exercise
– Children & the Fat Genes

Some Food Choices For Optimum Weight Control
Dr. Barnard States:

“That contrary to popular opinion, research reveals genes aren’t dictators; but they work by committees. Genes don’t give orders, they only make suggestions. They’re not rogue tyrants that exert despotic control over your waist-line. Rather, they work in active groups, often with subtle effects, and you can usually nudge them in the direction you want. You can actually counteract the ‘fat’ genes and boost the thin genes.”

Hippocrates once said, “Let food be your medicine and your medicines be your food.” Of course we are not really talking about the healing process, as much as discussing losing weight, but the same principles apply.

One thing that Dr. Barnard stresses is that carbohydrates do not make people fat. It’s actual fat that makes you fat. And that totally makes sense. Carbohydrates can pack around 4 calories per gram, and fats around 9 calories per gram.

Dr. Barnard’s books regarding high carbohydrate diets are excellent reading that actually works. They inform you about better and healthier weight loss tips and techniques than you are probably use to. And the recipes and pre-set menus are a bonus.

And as always, this or any other diet, your doctor or health practitioner should be consulted before you begin.

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