7 Keys On How To Expand Your Creative Genius

creative-thinkingWe all have this built in innate ability to think creatively out of the box. It’s all about focusing in and learning how to consistently do it is what matters. There are 7 techniques or steps that you can take to instantly access and activate your natural creativity, and then you can create almost anything that you want.

Start Thinking Like A Child
We as adults will constantly tend to think in a predetermined and conditioned way, which is aimed at attempting to show how clever or organized we are. Yet, when we were children, we just acted spontaneous as well as far more creative in our thinking. So to re-capture the curiosity you had as a child, allow your mind to just wonder and day dream, while being completely aware and present ‘in the moment,’ and then try to detach yourself from what you thought as real.

Begin Making New Connections
For you to be innovative and creative does not require a university degree; what it does require is making a distinct connection between existing ideas. For example, did you know that a form of ice cream that we all enjoy today was invented way back in 1950 BC, yet it took another 4000 years for some genius to come up with the idea of a cone to house the ice cream. That’s what happens when you take two seemingly unrelated items, which seems to have no connection whatsoever, and then use the imaginations spark to connect and then create that genius.

Be A Bit Illogical And Off The Rocker
It is a rather peculiar Western based trait to want to tie things up in neat little bundles. We all prefer logical solutions to solving problems, and easy answers to difficult questions. For you to be creative, you need to be a lot more comfortable with things that do not fit in with each other. Eastern tradition is just in tune a little more with incongruity. As is this Zen koan problem: So what’s the sound of just one hand clapping?

Learn To Laugh More
A great author once said that the creativity of a work place can be measured by using a laugh meter, and how much it laughs. Using humor is one of the greatest creative lubricants you can use. Laughter will jolt us out of our normal thinking patterns, and will suddenly put ideas together that really shouldn’t go together. It’s been tested that after someone has listened to comedy tapes or a comedy routine, the subjects’ ability to solve problems significantly rises by 62%.

Think Outside The Box And Your Limits
Many of the greatest innovative products that we use and take for granted today, were the result of people that were thinking outside the box, and their limits. There was once a computer conference way back in the 1980’s in a hotel, when someone suddenly joked that the next thing they would be using were some type of computerized doors. Then at the same hotel some 20 years later, all the doors of the hotel suites were using computer code programmed key cards.

First Adopt And Then Adapt
Being creative does not require out of the blue thinking. You can be creative by just adapting to what works elsewhere. American airlines wanted quicker turnarounds for their international flights, decided to adopt the techniques used by Formula One Race Car pit crews. Another excellent source of creative ideas is nature, as in mother nature. Someone once adapted the way certain seeds will stick to clothing and then invented the now famous Velcro.

Remembering Your Dreams
Dreaming as well as day-dreaming can create rich seams of creative ideas, as that’s when we are relaxed and allow the subconscious mind to wander and work by itself without disturbance. The Roffey Management Institute calls this technique “washing-up creativity.” This is because most of the flashes of inspiration occur when we are walking our dog, or sitting in the bathtub soaking, doing the laundry or on a long distance drive in the country.

If you apply any or all of these seven creative idea thinking techniques, and make them a regular part of your daily thinking, it’s virtually guaranteed that new creative solutions to all of your problems will open up to you and present itself.

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