3 Worthy Plugins To Consider For Your WordPress Blog

1.) WordPress Widgets Plugin
The WordPress Widget allows you to customize your WordPress sidebar by inserting a widget. What is a widget? All that you need to do is just drag and then drop items such as: (text, archives, recent comments, RSS) into your blog sidebar, arrange them and then click “Update”. No programming required!

WordPress Widget Plugin

2.) WordPress Subdomain Plugin
Turn your WordPress categories into subdomains. So your url’s will look something like this…


WordPress Subdomain Plugin

3.) WordPress Plugin To Eliminate Duplicate Content
If you are at all concerned about penalization of content by major search engines because of duplicate content, here is a plugin that is simple yet effective. It prevents the big boys, such as Google etc. from indexing wordpress pages that contain duplicate content. Too much cool. Although I don’t think dupe content is as big an issue as some make it out to be… This is worthy to look at.

WordPress Duplicate Content Cure

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