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Bitcoin And Crypto Currency New Technology You Should Know

Every couple of decades or so, a brand new ground breaking technology evolves. The automobile, electricity, and more recently the personal computer and the Internet. They seem to suddenly appear out of nowhere, the public remaining skeptical. But know that

To Succeed Why We Are Better Off Doing Absolutely Nothing

When it comes to our existence, our daily survival, it comes down to us doing three distinct activities for our survival. These 3 actions include: “doing” something, “thinking” about something, or we’re doing absolutely “nothing.” The first mode of action

Knowing What The Mentally Strong Do And Then Emulate Them

These are the elite of humans among us, the high achievers, the superstars of business and athletics. They are the top CEO’s who appear to have superpowers, while earning exorbitantly high incomes to prove it. But they are human, these

A Case Study Of True Intent When Communicating With Others

The communication of intent among individuals, especially between partners will often get muddled, confusing and usually the real meaning can usually get lost in translation. It’s been discovered that there’s a reason for this misinterpretation of communication. For the majority

Steps To Turning Your Life Around By Reinventing Yourself

There are some individuals who will lose everything that they’ve ever worked for, their careers, their marriage crashes, they lose everything, they go into financial despair, and are then forced to reinvent themselves. This new journey could take years to

When You’re Feeling Down And Moody Natural Ways To Boost You Up

There are times when everyone on occasion, regardless of who they are, can get a bit down on themselves, become a little moody, while others may feel worse as the walls appear to be caving in on them. It’s been

Using The Science Of Multiplication To Build Passive Wealth

Everything that we do in life comes down to a formula, some claim a series of scientific facts which one can precisely follow to get on track to get whatever it is we want. The majority of us want more

Tracking Price And Volume When Trading The Financial Markets

When trading the financial markets, price and volume should always be considered as one of the most important technical indicators, this when it comes to the price movement of a particular financial instrument. Whenever there’s a movement in price, it’s

Is Your Ego Preventing You From Finding Your True Calling

Are you really happy with what your occupation in life is, your profession, or are you just hanging in there in your business because of your ego. What needs to be determined is distinguishing the two, deciding what’s guiding you,

How The Art Of Ancient Techniques Relates To The Selling Process

Know your first initial instinct when confronted, what is it? The majority of us will do one of two things. We’ll either step away and flee, run the other way, or we’ll stand forward, raise our defenses and fight back,

What Does Science Really Have To Do With Healing Your Body

There was once a time when healing the body was considered an art form. That healing was understood to be a complex interaction between the healer, or the practitioner and the patient, this for the constitution of all living plants,

Effectively Dealing With Those Annoying People In Your Life

There’s always certain annoying people in our lives whether at work, or it could be a family member who always constantly challenges you. They’re always looking to complain or pick an argument, as it’s their ego which directs the drama

Create The Art Of The Magic Believe Then The Mystical Arrives

We all lead a magical mystery path indeed, this because there’s constant reminders of who we are at this exact moment, whatever it is that we’re capable of, this very essence, this very instance in time, so never forgot that

Best Natural Ways Of Delaying The Onset Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease can hit your life when you least expect it, it’s a devastating illness which affects millions of people worldwide. It’s a form of dementia yet more prevalent, losing one’s cognitive function and ability. The symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s

The Wisdom Of Thought A Collection Of Passages Throughout Time

• Fools will think themselves into being the highest of evolved creatures, while wise men know themselves to be associated with the lowest and the highest of beings • Fools will pride themselves with their years of experience and discipline

Becoming Mentally Tough Reach Your Goals By Showing Resilience

Have you set life altering goals for yourself and feel that you’ve got what it takes to achieve them. It may be as basic as you wanting to just get healthier, gain more confidence, or are looking for a long

Creating New Relevant Content When You’re Fresh Out Of Ideas

There you are, sitting in front of that blinking cursor facing another impending deadline, you have a blank white screen staring back at you. What forms is a cold sweat and trembling hands as you could miss your deadline. So

Your Life Begins The Instance You Reveal Who You Really Are

The moment that you start living your life is when you expose your imperfections. There are plenty of individuals roaming this earth living a shallow life invested in their own self image, who are pretending to be living perfect lives.