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How To Properly Lose That Weight Once The Scale Stops Moving

It’s the New Year, so it must be the start of another diet. For the first few weeks, the plan appears to go fairly well. Your motivation is still pumped, the poundage is actually coming off, you feel great. Then

Natural Anti-Aging Methods How To Look Forever Young Naturally

It’s thought that by the time we reach our fifties, that we accept this feeling of natural decline, that our lives will no longer be as it once was. The beauty of youth is gone. As a result, there are

Regretting Your Life By Not Doing The Things You Wanted To

Regret is another word in the dictionary but has more profound meaning than most, it has proven it can turn out to be a bitter medicine, it can at times become so painful that the urge to avoid it completely,

Natural Cures For A Hangover When Recovering From The Bender

Special occasions will seduce you into indulging in the festivities of the event, which can push you overboard into excess. The chances are then good that you’ll be feeling a tad hungover the next morning, especially when partaking in the

How The Weather Outside Influences Our Consumer Behavior

Our physical experiences directly affects the way that we think and behave. Holding a warm beverage, for instance, instead of a cold one makes one think there’s more warmth in someone’s personality when speaking to them. The degree of temperature

The Art Of Content Creation In A World Of Instant Publication

There’s now a realization, a mind shift for businesses that it’s no longer about you, or your products or services. It’s more about offering your customers exactly what they want, this tailored to their needs. The once traditional marketing methods

Exposed The Secret Writing Methods Of Inspired Story Telling

This an extracted profile, a narration of a famous story teller who’s career has spanned three decades of novels, film, and television work. The focus on the literary yogic “chakras” which are activated for characterization, enveloping the precise use of

How Your Personality Type Can Effect Your Stress Levels

We all need moderate levels of stress in our lives, as it acts as a motivator to get things done, right now, pronto. But beyond that, it’s our personality type which dictates how we’re able to cope with stress, along

Moving Yourself Forward To Find The True Purpose Of Your Life

Everyone eventually reaches that point in their lives to move on, to improve themselves, to move forward or move away, to be able to heal something, to begin something new, all in the quest to find what their true purpose

Know All Of The Alarm Bells And Hazards Of Impulse Shopping

Going out on a shopping spree is an escape for most, the perfect excuse especially during special occasions, as there’s always a list of things to buy. This for the people that you love, and also a little something for

Breezing Through The Holidays While Eating Healthy Foods

It’s here baby, the holidays, the festive season is finally here, so let the excess and the indulging begin, this for a solid couple weeks of never having to say your full, that you want more dessert. You’ll never say,

How To Overcome That Dreadful Fear Of Selling For A Living

The fear of selling is considered a very real symptom, this especially if it’s your chosen profession to be a salesperson, or for businesses who knows that they need to generate sales, but are unsure or unwilling to do so.

Proof Revealed That Physical Fitness Does Improve The Brain

Everyone who enjoys exercising knows that it benefits them physically, making their bodies function better. What exercising does is it also contributes towards better diet habits while helping them manage their weight. It also improves the cardiovascular system contributing to

Myths Revealed About Your Metabolism And Basal Metabolic Rate

Your metabolism and the speed that it burns has always been a hot scorching topic, this especially when you’re looking to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. What most believe is that the faster the metabolism is able to

What To Do With Your Life When You Don’t Fit In Anywhere

It happens mostly late at night, in the dark stormy recesses of the mind, these are the times you may feel perplexed about this whole thing called life. At this time and age, we all ponder these moments during isolation

The Chronic Worriers Mindset And The Reasons For Their Beliefs

There are certain thinking patterns which are considered a tad delusional that’s held by those who are chronic worriers. One of the main beliefs being that there’s compounding issues which are usually non-existent that can aggravate this worrying. This when

Why Our Distrust Of Internet Marketing Can Leave Us Stranded

Ever since the Internet, the World Wide Web, the information superhighway came into our lives a couple of decades ago, what the various digital marketing companies involved in advertising have been attempting to do is to solve that illusive puzzle

Certain Foods Which Are Thought To Be Healthy But May Not Be

There’s currently a raging debate going on among health professionals regarding a certain group of so thought healthy foods, which the majority think are completely beneficial to one’s health, but may actually not be based on clinical studies of their