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Why Smart Educated People Lose Out To The Street Savvy

We see it all the time under different situations, the proud educated and so called smart individuals, waving around their University degree’s, who continuously loses out to the clever more street savvy individuals. The definition of someone “smart” being: post

Reasons Why The Well Intended New Year’s Resolution Ever Work

So before the strike of midnight, you silently make yourself promises as resolutions to yourself, but you know that they rarely ever work out. During these hectic times, absolutely everyone, especially the media is rampant with recommendations of New Year

Environmental Reasons Why Obesity Isn’t Related To Ones Diet

What the majority of us are looking for is to improve our health, this since we as humans are significantly worse physically than ever before in history, but the real reasons may be out of our hands. It’s no secret

The Tenancies Of A Control Freak Reasons Why People Avoid You

You may not know it, but you have a controlling behavior which is most likely unintentional, and you’re not even aware of it. The need to always be right, which makes your spouse, friends and family, employee’s or coworkers, shudder

Why We Fall Victim To The Same Scams And Marketing Tactics

Sales and marketing tactics from those common dastards are abound, but yet we continue to fall victim to the same tricks, much more often than we think or care to admit. We continue to surrender to their various methods of

When Ready To Buy A HDTV Know The Different Options Available

When you’re in the market for a HDTV, then you need to understand the latest technologies which are now featured on high definition televisions. There are a few significant factors which you should be considering. With costs aside, the biggest

At What Point Should Your Kids Begin Acting As Adults

Some children unfortunately have their youth swept away from under them, forcing them to make executive adult decisions much too early in their lives. So the question remains at what age of life should these adolescents begin laying out their

The Mobile Developers Predictions Of Where Mobile Is Headed

There was a recent large scale forum of software developers, specifically mobile app developers who were asked to predict the path where they thought mobile apps in particular were headed in the near future. The reason being that anyone who

Why Does Being Single Or Divorced Paint Me In This Box

So it’s pretty obvious what you’re thinking, I’ve seen that same look hundreds of times before. It’s written all over your face, that glazed over distracted smile, that slight yet uncomfortable nod. You’re attempting to decide what can possibly be

Why Building Genuine Relationships Is Important For SEO

Reaching out with your content while building solid relationships and personally interacting with your readers is a lot more important that building links to your site. So if you’re wanting to raise your site’s profile and are looking for effective

Know The Reasons Why Some People Are Guaranteed To Fail

We as humans by nature will fail more often than we succeed. There are simply too many hurdles, setbacks, and emotions to overcome. So the idea is to be aware of them, and not allow these roadblocks to slow us

Using The Same Mass Marketing Techniques Which Big Media Uses

We are usually consumers first before we begin analyzing marketing methods. What we do is sell our personality or our skills at work, be as adorable as possible in social situations, and then sell our goods or services in the

Attention Retailers M-Commerce Is Going Massive Mainstream

We’re all forced to get caught up in the hysteria and frenzy of shopping at the local mall. You surrender yourself to getting elbowed in the groin, coughed upon, fight for parking spots, and spend countless minutes in insanely long

Ways To Lose Weight Quicker By Increasing Your Metabolism

The biggest problem when it comes to losing weight is knowing that your body isn’t burning off the calories fast enough. The simple equation being burn off more calories than you consume equals weight loss. The primary reason for weight

How To Magnetically Suck Readers To Your Business Site

Your online site is your lifeline, but you’re lacking any substantial or targeted traffic because of poor search engine rankings. There are a few tweaks and fixes which you can do to improve this. There are steps, as outlined by

How To Effectively Use Video Marketing For Your Business

It’s now becoming obvious that engaging your customers using online videos is one of the best methods to reach them. Those stale long winded articles are now replaced by viewing moving action pictures, which provides the path to least resistance.

Why Individuals Who Win In Life Always Has The Most Energy

In most situations, the one’s who come out ahead usually have the most energy. That may be obvious, but longevity is the key, as you’re required to expend more energy to outlast your opponent, maintain better relationships, or be a

Are Giving Gift Cards Tacky As The Joy Of Gifting Is Gone

So there are a few of your friends, and relatives, who’s already told you that they’re giving you a gift card this year. Some have even asked which retailer you want it from. Well, you should be grateful to receive