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Learning To Build A Healthy Happy Self Esteem

The happiest and most adjusted people that you’ll meet, are those you can instantly recognize immediately. Those are the one’s who never judge others. Regardless if they are a relative, or an unknown stranger on the street. They live in

How Your Website Can Build Instant Online Trust And Credibility

First impressions count. It’s been tested that initial visitors to your website will form an instant impression of your landing page within one second once viewing it. This is almost as quick as how ‘mind and eye’ visual processing occurs

Introducing The Motorola Xoom Tablet PC With Google’s Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’

Drum Roll Please… as Motorola has unveiled their highly anticipated tablet PC, The Motorola Xoom, which is a 10.1-inch pure touchscreen tab, housed with the latest version of Android 3.0, Google’s mobile Operating System dubbed ‘Honeycomb.’ It made its debut

The Company Men Movie Reviewed With Preview Trailer

Corporate downsizing due to the economic condition of America in the past few years, has traced tragic stories of financial difficulties focused on both the individuals involved, as well as the corporations. Some attempt to inject a bit of humor

Barbara Dunn “Not On My Watch” Awareness For Health-care Associated Infections (HAI)

Health-care Associated Infections, known as (HCAI or HCI), is a serious problem that continues to soar in medical facilities and hospitals throughout the world. This is one of the biggest global medical crisis that you may of never heard of.

How To Lose Your Website Visitor In Five Seconds Flat

There was a recent survey where web users were asked how they felt about the loading speeds of Website on the internet. Does how quick a website loads affect their patience and ‘staying power’ when visiting a website? Would a

The iPad Still Rules – Where Are All The Other Tablets

As expected, 2011 should be the year of the tablet, as there are predicted to be over 100 anti-Apple iPad competitors who should be releasing tablet PC computers sometime soon. The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), debuted several of these

How I Lost 106 Pounds – My Weight Loss Story By Sarah

Hello, This Is Sarah, Please Read My Story And Message On How I Lost Over 100 Pounds With A Safe Simple and Sensible Weight Loss Plan… The Diet Solution Program Being fat is not longer a concern of mine. In

The Time Is NOW To Start Advertising On Mobile Device Applications

When looking for any indication that there is significant progress and maturity within a new industry, you don’t have to look much farther than the influences of advertising. Where there’s money to be made, advertising will usually sink their dirty

Google’s New Google ‘Offers’ Social Coupon Service To Rival Groupon

Based on Groupon’s enormous success of their online coupon business model, and perhaps more importantly, they not accepting Google’s $6 billion offer, has prompted Google themselves to set up their own online social-coupon site. Google, the giant online entity has

Business Owner’s – Check-in And Claim Your Facebook ‘Places’

Facebook, the Social Network, is quickly becoming an extremely important avenue for marketers, whether you’re on the Web or not. This is because of Facebook’s relatively new destination based feature called, Facebook Places. ‘Places’ offers any physical business or service

The Horror On Internet Street – Your Website Just Lost All Search Engine Ranking

This is a true story and not some backroom geek conversation, or a rumor read on the bathroom wall of an Internet Marketing conference, it really happened. Not too long ago, someone who had a successful website had their server

Internet Creator Tim Berners-Lee Unfriendly Towards Social Networks

Did you know that a gentleman named Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is given credit for originally inventing and developing this little thing we call the World Wide Web, better known and loved as the Internet. Recently, he warned that interactive Web

What Is Cloud Computing Explained

So you’ve probably heard about Cloud Computing, but aren’t quite sure what it means? Well, we all know that the home and work based PC computer has been around for a few decades or so now, and every year, there

HDTV High Definition TV Glossary Terms Definitions

So you’re going shopping for the best HDTV or Home Theater System that will fit your budget. Make sure you arm yourself with the latest jargon regarding HDTVs. There are a few key terms that you as a shopper will

The Green Hornet Movie With Preview Trailer

So which do you consider cooler: the batman like car-mobile or the body guard chauffeur driving it? Well, if you liked the car, apparently there were close to 30 custom built vintage 1960s era Chrysler Imperials built, all midnight black

The Top 5 Internet Trends To Look For This Year In 2011

As the past decade quickly burns away from our memory, and yes, another year down the tubes. We can only look forward to another year, and decade in the world we call the Internet. We can all look forward to

Use Trend Research To Increase Immediate Affiliate Marketing Sales

There is always a need as an online marketer to keep track of what’s going on. What’s trending up, what’s trending down, what’s a completely dormant market or niche. There is usually more discussion near, at the end, or beginning