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Holding A Grudge Is Your Own Personal Mental Trap – Not Mine

Holding a grudge or disliking someone to the point of treating them unfairly, without respect, relevance or justification only hurts you. It’s probably for something unimportant that still to this day continues to hurt you. Well, its a one way

Why Using Twitter’s Free Service Is Critical For Your Business – Twitter Traffic Exposed

Twitter as is you know is the frantic rage at this moment anywhere on the online world, and for good reason. Countless individuals, movie stars, athletes, politicians and businesses are sending out millions of tweets on a hourly basis. They

Why Your Established Offline Business Needs A Blog – Start In 5 Minutes Or Less

If you’re not blogging for your established offline business yet, then you should be. By now, you most likely have a corporate website describing your company on a static site, that no one cares about or visits. It’s there because

How To Get A Best Selling (Insert Niche Topic) Ebook On Clickbank

The internet provides an answer for everyone. Every single little possible niche or obscure topic that tickles your fancy, is covered one way or another. So why not produce your own ebook and reap the profits for years to come.

Where To Find Those In Demand Recession Proof Jobs And Careers

Recessions happen, the economy slumps and it can be a very annoying and stubborn thing to go through. Once it decides to drop by your neighborhood, it can linger around for a while. But that does not mean you should

How Bank Foreclosure Homes Can Be A Great Opportunity For Investors

Bank foreclosed homes happen a lot more frequently in this economy. So don’t feel bad about them, they are a natural financial process for those who cannot no longer pay the mortgage on their homes. What happens is the lender

The Federal Trade Commission FTC Has Made Major Changes To Internet Marketing

If You Are An Internet or Affiliate Marketer Pay Close Attention To This! You must of heard about it, the FTC poking into your internet business. The Federal Trade Commission, in September 2009, has recently created some new regulations that

Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet Weight Loss Program – Eat Cookies And Lose Your Weight

Dr. Siegal’s and his now famous Cookie Diet weight loss program has been around for a while. It was first introduced in the mid 70’s, so longevity counts for something. What it involves is, well you guessed it, things you

Trading Stocks Doesn’t Have To Be A ‘Suckers Bet’ – How To Earn Money Trading Stocks

There are actually only a few investors who are constantly successful in trading stocks. This can be pinpointed to just a few factors that directly influences either the success or failure of the majority of stock investors. If you want

Get Ready Set Go For Cyber Monday – Online Shopping Deals During The Holidays

Shopping online during the holiday season is rapidly becoming the best option for shoppers. Although most still enjoy the hustle and bustle nature of doing their holiday shopping in the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ stores, along with enjoying the social

Submit Your Blog On The Top Blog Directories

If you or your company owns a blog, then you very well know that you can count yourself amongst the millions of others who publish on the “internets”. Anyone who operates a blog knows they can easily and effectively express

A Review Of Dr. Neal Barnard’s Book – Turn Off The Fat Genes

Turn of the Fat Genes, is an excellent book written by Dr. Neal Barnard. This publication has over 150 pages of menus, as well as recipes to get you started on the right track. This section is comprehensive and you

Electronic Cigarette – E-Cigarettes Contain Real Nicotine Without The Tar And Toxins

What Is The Heck Is An Electronic Cigarette? GET A FREE Trial Today If you are a smoker, then you can finally smoke anywhere you want. This means indoors, in your house, malls, restaurants, bars, planes, anywhere that smoking’s been

The 12 ‘Super Foods’ That Are Guaranteed To Improve Your Health

There are 12 so called ‘Super foods’ available that you can purchase from your local grocery store or health store, that’s guaranteed to help you feel healthier and lose weight. If you begin to eat these ‘foods’ on a regular

Steps You Can Take To Effectively Avoid Getting Diabetes

Before any panic sets in, for those of you who happen to be prone to getting diabetes, should get familiar with the disease itself. This is solely to avoid getting any negative thoughts entering your head, and to learn what